Newly announced Sony Xperia J gets cracked open by the FCC

While it isn’t always as pretty as the work done by the teardown and repair experts at iFixIt, from time to time the FCC will offer us a glimpse at the innards of a handset. Sometimes that handset is unreleased, like the newly announce Sony Xperia J. The Xperia J was part of Sony’s showing at their IFA press event yesterday and comes in as the budget option among a group that also included the Xperia T and Xperia V. The FCC filing doesn’t reveal much we didn’t already know, and, as Engadget astutely reports, doesn’t guarantee a US release. Still, if you have an interest in the inner design workings of a mobile device it’s worth checking out.


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  • acey_zero

    Good to see it has removable battery and micro-SD