Motorola and Intel sending out invites for September 18 event in London

We’ve known for quite some time now that Motorola has been working on an Intel-powered smartphone, but we have heard little mention of the device in an official capacity since last January. Now the Google-owned mobile manufacturer is sending out invites to a September 18th press event, the Intel logo is featured prominently at the top. Also providing a clue is the text “Let us take you to the edge,” which alludes to the Blade codename that surfaced with a set of leaked images claimed to give us our first look at the Moto/Intel phone. A Twitter hashtag #motoedge has us further believing the device may launch as the Motorola Edge.

We don’t know much about the device in terms of specs, but the images suggest it will fit the current RAZR design aesthetic. A lot more will be revealed live in London on the 18th, and we’ll be bringing the updates as they come, so stay tuned.


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  • RockMarz

    This will be interesting.

  • Sondrek17

    I hope intel get some phones out to us. Last year they claimed that Android does not need quadcore and that they could produce better phones. Big talk without result, I hope they won’t dissapoint us.

  • Viper

    Sending out invites for phone launch – isnt this an apple thing? Are you sure we the little people are allowed to launch phones ?

  • Hrethgir

    It’s about time! I work at Intel, and I’ve been seeing Intel/ Android phones launching in other countries (India, France, UK, Russia…), but was wondering when we would ever see one here in the US! I just wish it would have come out sooner so I could have at least considered it before I had to buy something to keep my Verizon unlimited data. Also hope it’s better than the stuff other countries are getting. Like, if it also launches with Gingerbread like the others, it won’t be a great start!

  • jeremyseattle

    Really excited to see more US-made hardware.