New leak outs two color options for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, ‘Titan Grey’ Galaxy S3

As the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 draws near we are learning a few last minute details. Just as with the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Note 2, which has been pegged with model number GT-N7100 (the first Note was the N7000), will ship in two color schemes: “Ceramic White” and a second color only shown as “TBD” in the retailer inventory listing that revealed the options. Speaking of the Galaxy S3, yet another variant was outed in the leak, a so-called “Titan Grey” edition.

The Ceramic White name might indicate the use of the material in the construction of the Note 2. It was rumored before the launch of the Galaxy S3 that that particular handset might utilize a ceramic casing, but the prospect never panned out. Perhaps Samsung has found a way to work it into the next edition of the note.

The Titan Grey GS3 and Galaxy Note 2 are listed as launching during the first half of October, which also coincides with the rumored release date of the black version of the Galaxy S3. The date also follows a month after the impending unveiling of the Note 2 at IFA in Berlin later this week.

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  • Butters619

    I wish manufacturers would release all colors at the same time. IMO Grey and Black SGS3s would (do) look so much better than White and Blue/Purple.

    • miso_sori

      Totally agree, this is a lame way to release multiple color options.


      The blue was ugly. I got the white, but i’d prefer the black.

    • NardVa

      I agree. I guess releasing different colors in different stages keeps the product relevant.

      • Aslan Bollin

        least they couldve announced these color options at the same time rather then after everyone bought the S3s. People who actually wanted white or as someone named called it before, “blurple” wouldve bought it while those like myself who would prefer black wouldve waited for black and or grey.

  • 155

    Why would you pair an unbreakable screen with a ceramic case? If you’re going to give something crazy awesome durability, I’d think you’d give it awesome durability all the way around.

    • niuguy

      I believe modern ceramics are some of the toughest substances around.

      • John Toxworthy

        Kitchen knives are now made of ceramics.

        • 155

          Ceramic knives still shatter when you drop them.

  • ericl5112

    The SGS3 is ceramic white as well. Its their natural white color. I doubt its any different here.

  • Juan

    I believe that ceramic white is the color name for the “OG” note

    • Aslan Bollin

      also the same for the white GSIII

      • averymlewis

        GS3 was actually “Marble” White ;)

        • Aslan Bollin

          Shh your right. I stand corrected. :-D