These rumored Sony Xperia Tablet accessories look pretty sweet

One thing that cannot be denied about Sony: they make some beautiful hardware. And that continues to be the case with the accessories of the upcoming Xperia Tablet if the pictures distributed by Tablet-News is anything to go by. We’ve got a keyboard case, a stand that allows the tablet to be used in both portrait and landscape mode and a media dock with a remote control.

[Tablet-News via IntoMobile]

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  • Larkhillv

    Damn, Sony, you sexy.

  • Steve

    Watch and share it! Now! :D

    • shonangreg

      Yeah, it is a cult, but they do make good products.

      When Apple stops suing android makers, I’ll buy a Mac mini for video and audio editing. Video editing especially is just through and through a pleasurable experience at any price point on a mac. Linux and Windows are crap on the cheap end.

      Till Apple stops, though, I’m boycotting them.

      For me, android has better email than linux now (K-9 compared to Thunderbird), and app development is going on faster in android-land. In time, video editing will be good on android too. If Apple doesn’t give up in futility by then, I won’t be tasting any Apple.

  • Hinds

    Sony makes great hardware and I’m looking forward to the Xperia nexus with NFC :-)

    • bmg314

      I kind of am, too. Ive been wanting Sony to come out with something beast-like, but they never quite do. But if they come out with a Nexus, which usually isn’t super phone territory anyway, then I might just be buying my first Sony.

  • dex

    Xperia Nexus. Sold.

  • vcarvega

    This tablet is very sexy actually! I already have a Prime but I wouldn’t mind trading up if the cost is decent. Considering how much I love my trusty Sony Vaio, I actually wish this was a Windows 8 tablet! In fact, that’s probably what I’m going to hold out for on my next tablet purchase… b/w Samsung and Sony, I expect them to have some great Win 8 hardware.

  • shmigga

    Looks pretty dumb to me.

  • Gus

    I’m in love Sony!!keep it up!!