Jury in Apple v. Samsung trial deep in deliberation, requests extra time

The jury in the Apple v. Samsung patent trial is deep in deliberations and has made a request to extend discussions by an hour before the trial breaks for the weekend. The jury’s desire to continue reviewing the case past the 4:30PM wrap time sends mixed signals from the California courtroom tasked with resolving the landmark dispute over alleged patent infringement on the part of Samsung. Either the jury is close to reaching a verdict, or, more likely, doesn’t want to end today’s deliberations prematurely as the group of nine men and women review a 40-page worksheet to determine such things as damages owed on behalf of either party.

The general consensus is that the jury simply does not want to leave any loose ends as they head into the weekend. The chance of a verdict coming sooner rather than later seems unlikely. Apple is seeking $2.5 billion in damages while Samsung has filed a countersuit seeking $400 million from Apple for their alleged infringement of patents owned by the Korean firm.

[via TGDaily]

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  • user311

    Its going to be like the South Korea ruling, at this point everything is getting banned…but the monetary damages will be 100x.

    • WhoaManWtF

      They should just ban all of Apple’s products until they decide to play nice and compete with actual competition rather than litigation.

      • AppleWins

        In a perfect world thats what should happen

  • camelsnot

    only winners are the dbag lawyers who convinced both sides this was needed.

    • WhoaManWtF

      Sadly it wasn’t the lawyers, It was Apple and Jobs before he died declaring “war” on competition. Samsung is just retaliating in an attempt to stem the flow of lawsuits coming from the fruity company.

  • http://twitter.com/hesalrightpunk He’s Alright

    We the jury have decided that everyone loses, especially the consumers.