Jelly Bean leaks for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S3

After Android 4.1 leaked for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300), the updated software has now surfaced for a carrier-branded handset. T-Mobile Galaxy S3, the SGH-T999, is getting a taste of official Jelly Bean goodness as uncovered by XDA-Forums memberĀ LuffarJoh. Rumors point to the software rolling out in some capacity by the end of August.

The update for the SGH-T999 seems to mirror the software for the GT-i9300, which was shown off on video earlier this month. Whether or not a proposed date of August 29th release date applies only to the international version or if it also covers devices tied to carriers is unknown, but it seems unlikely that a simultaneous rollout would occur.

[via XDA | Thanks, Hans-Erik!]

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  • Tommy Thompson

    A simultaneous rollout would be pretty impressive.

  • Butters619

    It’s nice to see manufacturers and carriers pushing fast updates. If only all carriers would hop on board.

  • Andrew torres

    I really do hope Project Butter smooths The Touchwiz UI a lil more…Just a bit more refinement would do it. Checking it out on my wifes Sprint GS3 I saw just very minute slow downs and her model seems to be draining battery rather quickly, for a phone rated to last a full day

    • UniBroW

      my Sprint sgs3 will last all day, although I’ve had it drain fast on me a couple of times for no particular reason. I believe it was latitude that was the culprit.

      For instance, I’m in the basement of a building right now with nearly zilch for signal although I am on wifi so that tends to help with the battery drain and I’m sitting at 59% with 1hour and 43 mins of screen on time. This is after having it off the charger for just 4mins shy of 9 hours. Despite latitude being off, maps still shows up at 10% usage. I have weatherbug set to update every 2 hours so I don’t know if it’s using maps to set my location thus the maps usage or what is causing that but I haven’t actually opened up maps.

      But like I said, I have had it drain on me in just a few hours which was quite odd.

      • Andrew torres

        Yea man im freaking stumped…Ive tried nearly every trick in the book I’ve inherited from my Evo 4G and its battery drain issues and tried it out on the GS3…Even setting Wifi Sleep to never. When I look on the task manager a minimal amount of tasks are running. Some that I would not think could drain the crap out of it. The last resort would be for a complete root and rom change to see if developers have cleaned up the Code. If and when we start getting more clean and slimmed down roms is another thing. That was Evo 4G’s biggest problem. an almost instant battery increase was given to the E4G roms after being cleaned up, tweaked, and its kernel worked on. The GS3 really needs that.

  • Michael Tran

    No worries, the whole world except verizon will be on Jelly Bean :P

    • Crimsonshadow774

      Good thing the bootloader is now unlockable. lol

  • Pistachio

    All this talk of jelly beans makes me want some. Haha

  • KamilG

    I still highly doubt that US carriers will roll out with the update by the end of August, but it’s nice to see that it’s almost there already. A world-wide update would be a pretty amazing job by Samsung though.

  • Kristopher Clark

    If the Galaxy S3 gets Jelly Bean before my Verizon Galaxy Nexus…i’m honestly disappointed in Google, not Verizon, for not pushing Verizon to release updates to their Nexus device. It would pretty much defeat the purpose of buying a Nexus device in the first place, as we are supposed to always have the most update to date version operating system.

    • Daniel Rosseau

      I would definitely say your disappointment, while valid, is really at the wrong company. Google can only do so much. At some point we all have to realize how shitty of a carrier (for updates at least) Verizon is.

    • PC_Tool

      Wow…I had totally forgotten that Verizon never pushed that.

      I’ve been running it so long I’d taken it for granted… Damn. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a nexus device, I’d be pretty pissed. ;-)

  • camelsnot

    this probably concerns the 5 tmobile users in the world

    • PC_Tool

      Considering the version sold on Play works best on T-Mob, I think it’s probably more like 7…


  • Tao Jones

    I have the Gs3, and I charge mine a minimum of twice a day.

    • Michael Hall

      Hmm. Mine can last a day EASILY

  • kdsmanu

    You must be on T999UVALH2 firmware before you flash the update –

  • wtpanos

    sucks that Verizon’s gnex still doesn’t have the bean. I finally broke yesterday and rooted and romed to bamf running 4.1 anyone know any better Roms?


    So if T-Mobile gets it this month, us at Verizon will have it Septemper. of 2013.