Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 receiving software update

We’ve received several reports this morning that the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is receiving its first over-the-air update. Registering at around 50MB, the update likely looks to provide little more than a few post-launch tweaks and bug fixes to keep the user experience smooth, but we don’t have much information on the exact details at this time. The software update brings the Note 10.1’s software build to IMM76D.N8013UEALH2 and keeps the slate at Android 4.0.4.

[Thanks, Eric, Frank, and the rest that sent this in!]

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  • id10terrordfw

    If you have the Wifi only version (N8013) and rooted using zedomax’s easy CWM method, you will need to flash stock recovery using ODIN and then use Kies to update. You can then reroot using the same method.

    • kdsmanu

      That applies for all android handsets

      • id10terrordfw

        Not necessarily, on most Samsungs in my experience, as long as you didn’t modify /system apps (remove bloat, theme, etc) you can replace with stock recovery and then use the OTA. On the Note, you MUST use Kies as the stock recovery that is available is not for the 8013, but the 8000 which will cause failure.

  • Marsg

    it kind of feels smoother just swiping through the screens and switching through apps but idk it was pretty smooth to begin with so i might be wrong lol

  • Loren Cook

    A major fix was the formatting of SD cards and especially the 64 GB SDXC variety.

  • TongueDar

    This fixed a bug, where as if I launched an app from with in a folder, after I left the app using the home button, the keyboard would pop up; it was wanting me to rename the folder label each time.

    Another bug I’ve encountered, that hasn’t been fixed yet, is that as soon as my tablet is done charging, it turns on the screen; and it stays on until I interact. I normally charge my devices while I’m sleeping.

    LayerPaint BTW! Is by far the best drawing app I’ve found; other apps like SketchBook Pro are prettier looking, but function like mobile vomit when compared to it.

  • Jviral

    I’m having an issue with the lock screen. when it goes to sleep, the touch screen won’t work so i can’t wake it up. i have to completely reboot to get it to work. anybody else have this happen?

    • Todd Ruffing

      yup, I ended up performing a system restore. I did not apply the samsung update, and have not had the problem since performing the system restore.

  • xizhu768

  • Jed Quirimit

    actually, one of the fixes was the SNote itself. Before the update, the note cannot be zoomed out 100% so you can’t see the part where it says “subject” and “date”. but now, with the update, you can see it without having to hide the toolbar.