HTC One V headed to Cricket Wireless

HTC has announced that it would be partnering up with Cricket to offer the regional carrier’s customers the HTC One V, one of the only 2011 phones to come absent with an S4 processor. Instead, the One V houses Qualcomm’s older S3 chip, a solution that is still capable of pumping out a nice Android experience.

The 3.7 inch device features Beats Audio, ImageSense camera technology, and the latest and greatest of HTC Sense. Cricket was interested in dropping hints on a price, but we imagine it won’t be more than $200-300.

We did get a date, though — September 2nd is the day you can walk in and buy one of these. It’s sure to be one of their finer options so if you’re with Cricket you’ll want to put it on your radar.

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  • WhoaManWtF

    the S3 really isn’t a nice android experiance, not if you want to enjoy newer games and what not…

    • joe

      Its close enough to the s4. Can’t tell the difference between my s3 and s4 razr

      • WhoaManWtF

        If you play some newer 3d games you will

        • joe

          yea true, but the everyday light user wouldnt notice a difference…the comps are trying to appeal to the mass usage tendencies

  • Helgaiden

    I thought the one v had a single core 1ghz cpu? at least on virgin mobile it did….man did they get the shaft

    • ChrisRuble

      They’re only a single core 2nd gen snapdragon, not 3rd. none of the one v’s are dual core.