Google Play Music Updated with Google TV Support and Jelly Bean Expanded Notifications

Just in time for the first wave of Vizio Co-Stars being shipped out, Google has just updated the Play Music app in the Play Store to version 4.3.609. So, what can you expect? Well, as I just alluded to, it seems they squashed some bugs and brought back Google TV support. And with all the new Google TV owners out there, the update came right on time.

Also new to this version is the inclusion of those expanded notifications for Jelly Bean users. For Play Music, this means expanded controls in the notification area. When collapsed, you can only pause and move forward a track. When expanded, you can now go back. Fancy. The newer, updated Google Music can be downloaded from the Play Store right now.

[Play Store]

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  • Mitchel White

    finally google tv

  • Be Logical

    love it on jelly bean and my Google tv

  • aholsteinson

    I keep hearing so many cool things about Google Play but it is not available in my country yet…I want =(

    • Brian S.

      That is a real bummer. There’s got to be a way.

    • David G.

      If you’re talking about Play Music, just download the free version Of TunnelBear, configure it to fake an US IP, go to Google’s Music website, download and configure. After doing that you don’t need to use TunnelBear anymore since Google only checks for IP when activating it.

  • Matt Vinson

    Uh… I’ve been running it on the Revue for a year. Maybe you should actually check facts?

    • Justin S

      So have I on my Sony 46″ GTV, but for some the last update killed it on some devices like the Logitech, Also it didnot work on the Vizio box untill this update.

  • CLKeenan

    Why do they hate the back button so much? I’d much rather have the back button then the stupid thumbs up button.

  • Travis Lovett

    Now Spotify needs to get on the ball and post their Google TV app so I can stop hooking my Asus Transformer up to the tv/surround sound when I want to listen to music!

  • Pkmmte

    Don’t forget to mention that it’s also now compatible with Google Now.
    Just say “Listen to [artist]”.

    • Nightfall

      That isn’t new. I’ve been doing that with Google Music since Gingerbread

  • Crimsonshadow774


  • bob

    so I installed it but don’t see Google TV or any references to any sort of video?

  • ilh

    Don’t see it in the store :( Want the expandable notifications, getting annoying that the quickest way to go back is to turn the screen off and back on again to get to the lock screen controls. Guessing it’s because GTV is America only.

  • Brady A Berman

    Can you put offline music on your sd card yet?

  • Sam omar

    This news is not valid in Asia [basically pointless]. We can’t purchase anything in Google Play other than free demo apps due to its restriction to sell anything in Asia. Google is slowly becoming global crap. People complain about Apple Inc. and iTunes at least they support the Asian Market. Welcome to the world Google, it’s time to wake up.