Google Bringing Skippable Ads To Their YouTube App

Google announced today via their Mobile Ads Blog that YouTubers will now begin seeing a new type of video ads in their favorite monetized videos. It’s called TrueView and according to Google, it’s a better way of handling mobile ads. Users will be given the option to, after a brief amount of time, skip the ad being thrown into their laps, that is, if it doesn’t particularly tickle their fancy. Google says this gives advertisers the peace of mind that their money is being well spent on those actually interested in their products given that advertisers only pay up once someone completes the video ad. I’ll admit, as a blogger who’s only able to bring you guys this news thanks to ad revenue, I am also a frequent internet user. And as someone who spends his day surfing the web, anytime someone finds a less intrusive way of bringing me ads — I’m all for it.


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  • SocalTeknique

    Adfree Android takes care of them

    • Brian S.

      Are there any adblockers that don’t require root?

      Oh, and thanks for the prompt info.

      • Chris Chavez


      • SocalTeknique


      • Mitchell Buchler


  • phoenix_fire

    lol ads

  • Brian S.


    Mr. Zuckerberg should observe that even though this is something consumers aren’t really looking forward to the annoying part has a way around it (that would be the ability to skip the ads, Mr. Zuckerberg).

  • Pistachio

    I saw one 2 or 3 days ago, I loved it.


    This should be illegal. They give you a data cap, but force you to use your data for videos you don’t want to watch!

    • Pistachio

      I agree completely, I am pretty sure that some ads are played in HQ, when the video isn’t even that quality!

  • Pkmmte

    Awesome! I’ve always had a hard time trying to skip them or getting annoyed because I thought I pressed the wrong video on my tablet.

  • guitarist5122

    I’ve been able to skip ads in YouTube app for some time. I can’t have some special YouTube app so how is this new?

  • ari_free

    I watch the superbowl just for the ads. I would watch ads of Android products . Unfortunately, that’s not what I get from most websites so until they give me what I want to see, I have to shut them off.

  • Tim B.

    Well no more YouTube mobile for me, not that I’ve used it much due to a tiered data plan anyway

  • IceBeam

    Not good enough. There should be NO time gap (other countries do this) – I can recognize if its something I’ve seen ad nauseum in a split second. If I’m forced to wait on your crap, I’m leaving.

  • Russ

    The advertisers will love this if they only have to pay if the complete ad is watched, because 99.9% of people are going to be skipping them.