Official Ice Cream Sandwich ROM For HTC Thunderbolt Leaked And Ready For Download

HTC Thunderbolt users are in for a treat today after a leaked official build of their upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update was leaked onto Team BAMF’s forums. Build number 7.00.605.2 takes the Thunderbolt’s firmware up to Android 4.0.3 and brings Sense 3.6 along for the ride.

This is a completely stock ROM with a little root added in for super user permissions which means it should be more than stable (providing this is the final release before the official OTA rollout). Hit the source link (in a few minutes as the site seems to be overloaded) and have fun.



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    Woz is still right.

    • Chris Chavez

      This was a good phone! I promise! Lol

  • Treknologist

    So much for all the naysayers who kept insisting this was not going to happen.

  • elrichmeister

    too bad I’m on a sgs3

  • josh

    Downloading on my wife’s piece of crap thunderbolt now!!!!

  • Mike

    Just updated to SGS3 from my first Android phone, the Thunderbolt… This would have definitely made me stay with it a little while longer. No matter what anyone says, this was a decent phone if you overlook delayed updates and horrendous battery life.

  • Doyle

    My original Thunderbolt (with extended battery from its opening day) runs great and always has. Got an Asus TF700 last week and tether it from this Thunderbolt every day. AWESOME phone.

  • kevin

    My thunderbolt runs fantastic not 1 issue

  • kevin

    My Thunderbolt runs fantastic not 1 issue

  • Elaine Ellen Rollins

    My thunderbolt kept over heating.It’s going back tomorrow.I truly loved the phone,had it not been for the over heating problem.It didn’t matter what battery I used.I’m going to really miss that phone.

    • Elaine Ellen Rollins

      All the times it over heated the phone wasn’t being used.I found it that way.It became a big concern.So back it went…I never had a cellphone that over heated like the Thunderbolt. I also noticed it took forever to come on.It also would turn off on a full charge.Started taking pictures all by it’s self..I ended up leaving it flat to make calls..I had enough when I found it over heated real bad in my purse.I put up with a lot,because I loved the phone.I just wished it didn’t over heat.Maybe mine was a lemon.