Google could move 8 million Nexus 7 tablets this year at current rate

According to the results of a bit of number crunching based on touch panel shipments, Google could realistically move 8 million Nexus 7 tablets this year. That may not be surprising after high demand has seen the device in and out of stock at Google’s online store since its launch, but compared to initial projections it’s enough to cause a double take. The Android maker had set a goal of 3 million units sold by the end of 2012.

Tech-Thoughts did the math based on a Digitimes report and available sales figures, so the number is little more than an educated estimation. But the site predicts Google will ship 3 million or more tablets in each of the remaining quarters of the year. Even if their numbers are drastically off, it is still pretty plain to see that Google should meet and exceed their goal of 3 million total sales for the year.

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  • bytewise

    Could be even more. Unlike Apple users who just go out and buy Apple stuff without thinking twice Android user seem to wait until they get good value for money. I know a lot of users who were undecided about buying a tablet have now joined the fray. This was the momentum needed for Android tabs

  • Abstract

    I bought mine today!
    Played with it almost 4 hours straight, can’t wait to get it home and ROOT!

    • Nat

      Quick question—from someone who hasn’t rooted an Android device since the first HTC Evo on Sprint… Since this device is a “pure” Google device, why would one need (or want) to root the device? I thought rooting a device was to get rid of the pesky custom bloatware put on my manufacturers?

      • Abstract

        You’re missing out!
        Custom ROM / kernel
        Unlock of all admin options such as tethering for my Galaxy Nexus
        Overclocking / Underclocking
        Use of USB drive on Nexus
        I know I have missed some things. It bascially just allows you to fully enjoy everything the OS has to offer. Full customization.

        I did it mainly for better battery / performance while enjoying a ROM that will improve my tablet experience. Paranoid Android is awesome on the Nexus 7

        • bubblesmoney

          you dont need root to tether unless your phone seller gimped your phone by limiting that feature which is preinstalled on your phone.

          neither do you need to root to attach flash memory. just see link where flash drive is used on the nexus 7 without root.

          battery life is great anyway on the nexus 7.

          screen rotation is also possible with ultimate rotation control without rooting

          mhl not there. no problem try dlna or wifi devices like the samsung optical smart hub / portable dvd drive which can move and play media from tablet or optical hub or attached flash drive or hard drive.

          dlna try dlna apps is the above is not ok.

  • YellowSnow

    Let’s hope Apple’s release of an iPad Mini doesn’t destroy the Nexus momentum.

    • c4v3man

      iPad mini is rumored to be 7.8″. The Nexus 7 barely fits in my pockets as it is, I know a 4:3 ratio 7.8″ device is going to be nearly pointless compared to a newiPad. The way I see it, either get as big as you can fit into your pocket, or just go plain big. The rumored iPad Mini is neither of these…

      What happened to our previous comments? Looks like they were deleted…

      • Spartoi

        I don’t think pocketability matters much with tablets tbh. As long as it can be held with one hand, then its not too big.

  • camelsnot

    7 is too small.. waiting on 10in nexii

    • Jeffwx7

      I had reservations about going with a 7″ instead of a 10″, but I’m very glad I did. The 7″ is actually the perfect size since it can be held with one hand. I tried it side by side with an ipad and prefer the N7 form factor by a WIDE margin. The ipad is unwieldy by comparison.

      • ari_free

        I want the Note 10 because I like to draw. I don’t think that size is too big for what I want to do.

      • Jwhap

        I have to say, I have a xoom and I recently purchased my wife a nexus 7….. I am a very jealous man!!!!! I honestly thought I would not like the 7″ form factor, but for reading books and magazines, it surpasses the xoom by a long shot. The weight and size make it easy to carry. I realize there are many tablets lighter than the xoom. The 10″ form factor is great for movies but for everything else…..I would suspect I will be buying one of these when I have an extra 250 burning a hole in my pocket!

  • phinn

    Add MHL support to the next one and I’ll buy it.

  • hot_spare

    Not good enough. Google/Asus just doesn’t have the marketing skills or brand recognition to challenge iPad as yet. It will take time.

    • ari_free

      Who would’ve thought Google would get into the business of selling real stuff, especially after the failure of the first Nexus? They used to be just about free stuff and ads. They’ll have a lot to learn.

  • ari_free

    Like Amazon and Apple, the Nexus provides a continuing revenue stream through the sale of books, apps, etc. That keeps the price down. Other Android tablets couldn’t do this so it is important that Google stepped in to help the Play store.

  • Stream

    I bought one! Took me a while but I finally got my 16gb on Friday!

  • Samir Shah

    Na, Na. I told you so.

  • slavix

    I wish Nexus 7 tablet had a video out port and a back camera, sd card… I would pay extra $50.