xScope Browser Pro Review: Big on features, light on its feet [WIN A NEXUS 7]


When it comes to browsers for Android, it seems we consistently get two main options: lightweight, low-featured implementations for quick browsing and more robust offerings full of tricks but coming with some added bulk. But striking a line between the two is xScope Pro, a browser that aims to “redefine” surfing the web on a mobile device. xScope manages to feel quick and light despite a range of enhanced features from a wide range of input gestures to more experimental elements like a “Darken” mode designed to save battery by converting bright whites to cooler blacks, theoretically reducing the power drain of your phone’s display.

But the main draw is gestures, many of which make browsing using only one hand a total breeze in xScope. The most-touted gesture is a new method of zoom called pin-to-zoom. Double tap your thumb or finger anywhere on the page and, without lifting it, drag up or down to zoom in and out. Double-tap and swipe left to right to switch tabs. There are some limitations in this, as you can’t manipulate the focus of your zoom as you go and, if you are viewing a particularly crowded page, hitting a link can sometimes interrupt the gesture.

But the pin functions aren’t the only finger gestures supported. Swiping left to right without double-tapping seamlessly navigates forward and backward through a tab’s history, pulling down on a tab with two fingers will close it, and you get a standard double-tap zoom and pinch-to-zoom. The pinch-to-zoom isn’t great here, mostly because it can get confused for the two-finger tab close in some instances, especially when closing a tab was the last thing you wanted to do. Luckily gesture input is customizable, so you can eliminate certain functions if you want.

And if you do decide to do away with a few gestures, xScope still offers plenty. Ad blocking, Flash support, the aforementioned “Darken” mode, incognito mode, and a built-in file browser. You don’t get that in any old Android browser.

Is xScope perfect? Hardly, and its fair to say it lacks a degree of polish found in some other browser, but it’s headed in the right direction. At this point, I wouldn’t turn to xScope as my main browser (but I am a bit of a minimalist in the sense). For those looking for the perfect marriage between speed and slickness and plenty of features and a good degree of customizability, then xScope is definitely worth checking out at only $2.99 in the Google Play Store.

Thanks everyone for entering to win a Nexus 7, we have selected a winner and entries are now closed.

What’s that? You need a nice new Android tablet to get the full xScope experience? One of you is going to get one. The maker of the app, Gary Sui, is giving away a Nexus 7 to one lucky reader to comment on this review. Only your first reply counts. After 24 hours, the winner will be selected randomly. At that point we will get you in touch with Gary to claim your prize. Pretty simple, right? So go ahead and leave your comment then head over to Google Play to check out xScope for yourself.

Google Play Download Link: xScope Browser Pro

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  1. Pick me, pick me!

  2. sweet!!

  3. Love xscope!

  4. Having a good browser which can accept add ons/extensions would be a major step forward for Android.

  5. it’s always nice to see improvement in browser usability. gestures helps improve the browsing experience.

  6. Paying for a browser is a tough sell, but the Darkened option for pages sounds awesome.

  7. Seems like an interesting browser. I like the idea of a darkening mode.

  8. I use Xscope for my browser on my Galaxy Nexus off and on and i have to say it works well. I Could use a Nexus 7 though.. =)

  9. xScope is actually quite nice, though I will wait as well before it becomes my browser of choice. Stock browser for now works best for me.

  10. I’ve used this browser forever and love it

  11. Any Android browser is going to have to compete against Chrome – which is a tall order when you consider the desktop integration / sync features.

    1. I like chrome and all but until websites quit using flash on websites I need a browser that supports flash. I am glad Xscope supports flash and the darken mode is great at night. Easy on the eyes.

  12. I’m all for choices, especially in browsers, however, with all the very good free browsers available, I would hesitate to pay $2.99 for the xScope browser. It doesn’t seem to have a “lite” version (I may be wrong about this), so I couldn’t even try it out if I wanted to do a test drive. It may be a great browser, but I would rather have the built-in one or Chrome as my browser of choice on my Galaxy S3.

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  14. I was actually just looking into ditching Dolphin as my second browser due to all the extra features I don’t need, this seem worth a look, and I am sure it would look even better on a Nexus 7

  15. Have not used this browser previously, look forward to trying it out.

  16. I would love to try Xscope on a new tablet

  17. I appreciate this review, its definitely helpful. I would really like to win that nexus 7 too!

  18. I will give it a try. Another browser I recommend is OverSkreen for tablets. Also hope I get picked for the tablet win. Ordered online then decided to go pick one up from Gamestop and got a speeding ticket instead. The speeding ticket doesn’t have as many apps as the Nexus 7 but I am trying to have as much fun with it as I can, since it was $320.

  19. Darken mode.. hmm.. that’s actually an interesting feature. I use a program called FLUX on my laptops to adjust the white balance to more sepia as dusk hits so that I’m not staring at a blue white screen. Similarly I switch my ereaders to sepia to just for the ease on the eyes.

    Great feature idea

  20. This browser is awesome, love the toggles and blacked out theme

  21. I used this browser in the past, I may have to reinstall…or just install it on the Nexus 7 that will be sent to me. Does it come preinstalled for the Nexus 7 winner?

  22. any chance for a nexus 7 is a good chance :)

  23. Sounds like it’s worth a test drive. A nice new set of wheels would certainly make for a nice ride.

  24. xScope was a great browser replacement on my Droid 1 back in the Android 2.2 days. I’d love to give it a shot on a new Nexus 7.

  25. i’m always up for testing new browsers. especially as a web developer.

  26. Woo hoo!!! n7 for me pleaseeeeeeee

  27. Nice

  28. Great browser and awesome review as allways

  29. Darken mode? AWESOME! I’m always looking for apps that have that feature! The ones that don’t? Well, they bother me… I’m looking at you, Facebook and Twitter official apps…

  30. Awesome

  31. I’ll take that Nexus 7 please.

  32. I love Mass Effect and I love Android; seeing as how the N7 mixes the two together (at least in name) I think it makes sense to hook me up with one ;]

  33. I am constantly switching between Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox. Hopefully this one will make me stick to one. Great review.

  34. I have tried x Scope in the past and it looks like I’m going to have to give it another shot

  35. Might be worth a try, though I do love Dolphin. Nice place to try it would be, say…a Nexus 7? :)

  36. A major item I would love to see is to be able to sync with my bookmarks from my Google Account. I have no idea if that is possible or not. Otherwise, it looks good.

  37. I’ve used Xscope in the past, I’ll have to give it another try.

  38. Most intriguing

  39. I already own one but you can never have too many.

  40. I love all the innovations in the browser market….it is getting crazy both on computers and of course on our mobile devices!

  41. Do we get a consolation prize? Like, xScope given away for free for anyone who commented? :D

  42. After recently losing my job and getting a new one money is tight. Can I Pleasssse have a Nexus 7? Stock browser works best for me followed by dolphin mini.

  43. Looking forward to this one!

  44. I love my Nexus 7.

  45. this browser looks promising i think i give it a try

  46. I Like the attempt to balance both features and size. My aging mytouch 3g slide is incompatible, but I sure would be down for trying this out once I upgrade devices. In all honesty I wish more developers tried to get both sides of the coin in, especially with more and more phones without expandable memory.

  47. I tried xscope a while back…may need to revisit it.

  48. Awesome apps and free stuff, always a good combination!

  49. Darken mode and incognito – my two favorite features.

  50. Looks very nice. I’ve been wanting to play with the Nexus 7.

  51. I will have to check this app out, sounds useful…

  52. Please, please, please pick me! I am in love with the Nexus 7!!!!!!

  53. I’ve had it since when it was the FAOD on amazon, and liked it enough to buy it on the play store a month or so later. I have to say though since adopting chrome I haven’t fired it up on any of my devices… that being said still worth the 3 bucks way back when

  54. looks cool, i’m gonna check it out.

  55. i’ve been seriously considering buying a Nexus 7 because my little sister wants an iPad -,-

  56. This browser is nice but it lags like most browsers other than stock

  57. I’ll definitely try this browser. I’ve been using Chrome for a while, and I do like it, there are definite bugs within it to make me greatly annoyed with it as well.

  58. I always have one or two browsers available (I’m a web developer) so another in the toolbox is nice.

  59. Like Draxlith, I too, am looking to ditch Dolphin because of its bloated nature. Sometimes nimble is the way to go. I’ll certainly look into this browser. Thanks for the review, as I had never heard of it.

  60. Looks like it has some great features, hope to try soon.

  61. looks interesting, will be happy to try it on the nexus 7 xD

  62. Would prefer to try out xScope on the Nexus 7.

  63. My wife has been enjoying my Nexus 7 a little too much – she needs one of her own :)

  64. AWESOME Browser! Hoper i’ll use on a nexus 7 ! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  65. Big fan of xScope. Been using it ever since I got my Nexus One. Since then, I used it on a T-Mobile myTouch 4G, Asus OG Transformer, Galaxy Nexus (Verizon), and Asus Infinity Pad. Love it!

  66. i want a n7 with xscope

  67. A very interesting review, if wanting of detail.

  68. think i had an xscope for my sega……o_O

  69. I like the one handed gestures. The pin (double-tap) pre-gesture was a great idea. I really think that Dolphin has a good bookmarks function because it allows quick one handed access to your bookmarks. I hope that xScope keeps evolving. Love it!

  70. I will use XScope as my default browser on my phone and (then) my Nexus 7 if I win it!

  71. I’ll have to check this out, looks good!

  72. Sold my playbook. Would love to test out this browser on an N7

  73. Sounds like a good browser, wonder how it stacks up with chrome though. P. S. Nexus 7 rocks and i want one :)

  74. I’ll gladly make xScope pro my go to browser if given a shiny new Nexus 7!! I’m typically also somewhat minimal when it comes to browsers on my phone as I usually stick to stock.

  75. Great Review, please enter me in for the Nexus 7 drawing.

  76. I’d love to see what that browser can really do on an awesome tablet like that!!

  77. Looks great, would love to try it out on a nexus!

  78. xScope was one of my favorite browsers back when I had a G1. The stock browser was very sluggish. When I first found xScope people I knew compared it to Chrome (for Windows). It had a very simplistic UI despite the fact that the browser had a lot of features. I’m glad to see it back in the spotlight. I’m going to give it a try on my MT4G and see if it can replace Chrome (which is very buggy on the JB ROM I’m on). If it’s as good as it used to be, the “Darken” mode is a seller. If nothing else, it makes some pages look better overall (look at CNN up there lol).

  79. looks good – might be the first browser to get me to switch from chrome…

  80. Could be interesting to check out.

  81. I’d rather enjoy winning a Nexus 7.

  82. Judging from the review, xScope seems to be on the right path. I may have to give it a shot over my current broswer, Dolphin. If it can hold up both the features and minimal nature then hello XScope.

  83. Nexus 7? More like Nexus 8 or sumthin tss tss tss

  84. xScope on Nexus 7 will be nice

  85. Start school on Monday and would love to take a shiny new Nexus 7 with me :)

  86. Love xScope on my phone.I’ll need to try it on a tablet…

  87. Looks like a nice little browser! Now give me a Nexus 7! :)

  88. Can’t wait to try it on my new Nexus 7 right?

  89. Sounds like a lot of awesome features!

  90. Darkened feature is something certainly worth noting. Spending money on a browser isn’t typically something you imagine doing, but when you think about how much time you are using the browser, you quickly realize that it’s worth the cash.

  91. I’m liking that darkened mode which I think would look amazing on my galaxy s 3

  92. looks pretty sweet

  93. Pick me! :D

  94. Nexus 7!

  95. I have been wanting a Nexus 7, but cash has been pretty tight as of late. I would be more than happy to buy the app as well. Just gotta wait until Play gift cards are released! :)

  96. Would love a Nexus 7 with xScope. Big fan of gestures!

  97. xScope is the best!

  98. Welp, nothing like a good hook to get the comments going.

  99. Oh yes please! I have been wanting one of these for work! I take a lot of notes in meetings and this + swype is a match made in heaven.

  100. Looks pretty good! I’m getting bored of Chrome crashing for no reason…

  101. Looks interesting. Too bad my Xoom died a few weeks ago. I’ll have to check it out on my phone. Forward / Back gestures should help the mobile experience a lot!

  102. Will give this one a try. Dolphin was kinda disappointing, even if they claimed it’s the fastest. Hoping the xScope will have me convinced.

  103. Whats that a nexus 7 give a way? ill take one please

  104. I’m definitely giving xScope a try, looks like it has some great features!

  105. I want the nexus seven in order to finish my graphics novel.

  106. Nice shot for a browser,just like Nexus 7 is a good shot at tablets.

  107. Looks kewl

  108. hello! pick me please!

  109. I’ve used xscope in the past before but may go back just to try the darkened mode. A prolonged battery life is a must!

  110. pick me please, it will be my first nexus device if i win

  111. Here’s my comment. Now where’s my Nexus?

  112. Browsers are fun, Nexii 7 are funner.

  113. I agree, I need that Nexus 7 to really test this out

  114. Was ready to purchase, but then remembered, I’ve already bought xScope before! It’s been a while, but it looks like some much need interface improvements have been made, and now that I’m on a screaming fast phone compared to others in the past, let’s see what kind of speed improvements have been made too!

  115. xScope isn’t my main browser, but it’s a solid backup for me.

  116. If I win the Nexus 7 I promise I’ll buy xscope!

  117. Tab me, I really like the darken.

  118. Would love to see a performance comparison between Chrome, Dolphin, and xScope

  119. Im going to give this one a try…haven’t up till now, but it looks like it’s heading in the right direction, and it’s reasonably priced…plus a chance to win a Nexus 7? Icing, baby!

  120. This is a good browser, I’m suprised I don’t see it listed more often when people talk about best/favorite apps.

  121. I’ve had the app itself for a few days now. I was hesitant to try it out because my stock browser on JB and Dolphin Browser provide everything I need, but I was incredibly surprised by it.
    It is SMOOTH, and the darken feature is just… heavenly for people like me who like to read at night without disturbing the lady next to me :P
    Good app – Definitely keeping it.

  122. This seems like a nice browser, I am going to give it a shot soon. The toggles seem like a cool idea. Would love for the chance to try this on an N7.

  123. Supports Flash! Now all I need is LastPass integration somehow and Dolphin will be uninstalled!

  124. Chrome killer? Does it fair well on older phones stuck on Gingerbread? Anyone know?

  125. I’m your huckleberry

  126. I love the gestures feature, makes it so easy to navigate

  127. I like that it is blackened, but also like my browser that is synced across all devices.

  128. Xscope is cool and with a nexus tablet it would be cooler.

  129. Nexus 7: a fine way to experience the new xScope.

  130. I there a feature matrix somewhere?

  131. Actually, it seems rather interesting. I’ll check it out later, probably after a couple of updates.

  132. Ive had xscope for a while but never really given it a shot. I’ll have to try it out.

  133. “If I win the Nexus 7 I promise I’ll buy xscope!”


  134. This looks interesting, and I think I’ll have to give it a shot.

  135. I’d certainly use this. In my heavy raider.

  136. Can’t wait to try it! Been looking for a new browser for a while now. I like chrome and dolphin, but they seem kind of sluggish still. Love gestures too, sounds great!

  137. I used xScope awhile ago, and I liked it alot (but it had a few issues at the time).. still, I wouldn’t have even known about the ‘Dark Mode’ if I’d not read it here :) Good review, THANKS!

  138. will have to check it out

  139. I promise to gift xScope 7 times, to 7 different friends, on my N7 (if I win).

  140. I like xscope

  141. Nice review. Prolly gonna try this out. Oh, and I’m sorry to all the other commenters. I’m pretty sure I’m going to win. I’m lucky like that.

  142. I used xScope a long time ago. A new Nexus 7 would be a great reason to bring it out of retirement! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  143. Gonna be honest, I love gestures.

  144. I would love to win!

  145. Interesting features. Time to give a test run.

  146. Going to try out this browser when i get home. Seems like it has everything i need. And thanks for the chance at the Nexus 7

  147. If I win, I promise to use the Nexus 7 tablet like a very humble dude. Thanks for a chance at one.

  148. love xscope!!!!

  149. xScope would replace Chrome if I won the Nexus 7

  150. Need a nexus 7 for school but haven’t been able to buy one because of rent!

  151. Random comment to be random winner.

  152. Awesome. Can’t wait to try out xscope on the new tablet I’m going to win! :)

  153. Great app, simple as that!

  154. This browser looks like it could be good. I’ve been looking for a solid browser to use. All the ones I’ve used just don’t seem to cut it.

  155. hope i win

  156. Doubt I’ll ever replace my chrome browser so to be honest I am just replying in hopes of winning the tablet.

  157. I really like the concept of the Darken mode, that is definitely a great idea. I’d love to take it for a spin in style on a new tablet. :)

  158. I’m always looking for alternatives to the current browser selection. Hope this one fills the spot. Looks good so far! Would be great to have it on a new Nexus 7 as well!!

  159. Just hoping to win a Nexus 7!

  160. A Nexus 7 just in time for school!

  161. Sounds like the perfect browser for my Galaxy Nexus LTE. My current browser drains my battery within 3 hrs and the gestures functions would definitely come in handy!

  162. The android browser market is crowded, but it sounds like xScope is beginning to stand out in the crowd. I’ll have to give it a try.

  163. Great browser and great tablet. Now I just need both.

  164. I’ve never heard of xScope but that’s what wonderful sites like this are for right? Giving exposure :)

  165. Nexus 7 looks awesome! So does this browser!

  166. Dolphin HD has been my go to browser for ages, but xScope could very well be it’s replacement.

  167. Going to download this for my Gnex and play around with the gesture settings. the review pointed out some things that can be confused hopefully I can remedy that by changing the type of gesture needed. Been looking to replace chrome, it’s been getting me angry.

  168. This looks like it could replace my chrome browser. I prefer to use my phone with one hand, whether it is texting or surfing, and the zoom and pan features are definitely something i will try out. Anything to make surfing a little easier. Thanks.

  169. cool i want

  170. wow awesome, Ill give xScope a try, in the meantime, i hope i win!

  171. That darken feature is a big draw for me. Will definitely try it out.

  172. I think i will stay with dolphin.

  173. what makes this browser better then Chrome or Firefox? I use Chrome for my daily use and Firefox(side loaded with flash) for my flash websites. Can this browser replace both of them?

  174. I have been using xscope for the darkened view and because it supports flash. It runs very well for me and I’ve also recommended it to any friends who have purchased a Nexus 7. Seems to be a great dev, plus who could turn down a chance to win a free Nexus 7. Thank you!

  175. pick me so that i can try xscope in new nexus 7

  176. It’s been such a long time since I’ve used xscope, I’m glad to see they’re still developing their browser.

  177. nice..

  178. nexus baby all the way

  179. Sounds like an interesting browser, definitely give it a shot if I win the tablet :p

  180. “Darken” might be the trick that gets me to check it out. I lot of times a browser is like a pen. I don’t want to have to thinking about my pen. I just want it to help me do what I need to do. Making a convincing argument that your “pen” can help you do more/better will get me to give it a shot.

  181. I love the battery saving darken feature. Pretty smart and the reason I’m going to be checking this browser out in more detail.

  182. Look at all the comments!

    I love seeing this type of response from the Android community.

    Its been a great ride since the G1, and I see this platform maturing more and more each day :)

    I hope whoever get this Tablet really enjoys it! Good luck guys.

  183. I will try it.Please give me a nexus.

  184. Will have to give it a try!

  185. Browser looks impressive, I gotta take a closer look and try it.

  186. I’ll buy his app if I win the Nexus 7. =)

  187. This browser looks very solid, definitely will give it a shot.

  188. I used to use xScope quite a bit. Looks like I’ll have to give it another shot.

  189. currently using chrome, but the fact that it has issues with Flash, i will consider making the switch. looks nice!

  190. Wanting to win a nexus 7!

  191. cool browser…wish i could have this tablet,my galaxy S broke last week..missing an android device…

  192. I think I’ll give this a try. Looks nice.

  193. Used this browser for a long time and liked how it was pretty fast and not bloated. Excellent prize btw

  194. This looks like an amazing browser, it would be even more amazing on a brand new Google Nexus 7, I would show all my friends this browser, I will even if I dont win!

  195. Wouldn’t mind getting a free nexus 7

  196. Nice contest. Pick me =)

  197. Having the gestures will be sweat. I hope it works better than the chrome browser. It is laggy, especially on tablets (in my experience)
    New apps are always a win

  198. If I win I will swear all my internet bandwidth by this browser

  199. I’ve tried xScope way before, but went with Dolphin Mini instead bc it’s lightweight and simple. I’m gonna try xScope again bc of that Darken mode. Why most sites still use white background instead of black or something dark?

  200. I would love to get my hands on a Nexus 7, and xScope would be one of the first apps i load.

  201. I’ve been using this browser on my gnex since I flashed JB. glad to see they’re giving away an N7 as an added bonus for those who use it already!

  202. I’ll buy the app if I win the Nexus 7.

  203. xScope rocks!

  204. Am I the only one that has known about X Scope for awhile? I remember it being around when I was still using my Hero on sprint…guess I’m giving it another spin.

  205. I use this browser and it’s pretty handy. I would love to see it in action on a new Nexus 7 :)

  206. I’m in. And although I can’t promise I’ll try xScope, I’ll try to remember to try it. That’s the best I’ve got.

  207. Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been
    handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop
    what you’re doing and listen.

    1. Will the real slim shady please sit down

    2. Why don’t you go back to your home on WHORE ISLAND!

  208. very cool !!! ill give it a try..

  209. xScope looks like a worthy browser to try. If it can handle flash and performs well on a tablet, I think it is going to be a winner!

  210. I like the idea of this browser. Though, for the price, Chrome and Dolphin are just as good, but free. ;) I do like the idea of the blackened screen, the gestures, and of course the speed. I have to say, my favorite aspect is one of the gestures: the two-finger-swipe-down to close a tab. That is just great.

    My only issue is the price. It is a little steep for a browser when most of the primaries are free. Perhaps a trial version to check it out and I would have done so.

    Thanks Phandroid.

  211. Pin-to-zoom is pretty cool, and I always appreciate an incognito mode to keep my more…dubious…browsing secret. Ahem.

  212. XScope has been a lifesaver on my friends nexus 7. Now if only I could also have a nexus 7…

  213. if i win, i promise the first app i buy with the $25 credit to the PlayStore will be the xscope app.
    no credit? very well then. i’ll earn that app some other way.

  214. So many different browsers out there now…I’ll give xScope a try but I’m already having trouble deciding between the new Dolphin HD beta and Chrome. They’re all great so its a nice problem to have.

  215. xScope was my default on the DX. The pin-to-zoom is genius.

    If only it could sync with my chrome autofill history…

  216. i like the ad blocking, might be more worthy than the sync feature in chrome

  217. I have been using Skyfire for 2 yrs. Time to switch.

  218. Sounds like a good browser. I will have to remember to check it out.

  219. I used to use xScope exclusively, I’ll have to give it another shot. Haven’t used a Nexus 7 yet, sounds great!

  220. Pretty neat. Will have to check it out. Would love to use it on a Nexus 7!

  221. please

  222. I don’t mind sacrificing some speed as long as it works.

  223. Going to try it tonight.

  224. Oh well I worth giving a try!

  225. Been using this browser for years, it was the first to implement tabs in a user friendly way. Being able to swipe to change tabs is awesome and love the long-press(click) to open link in a new background tab automatically. Oh and the single finger pinch zoom is great too!

  226. I love the nexus 7 and i finally got to put my hands on it this week end and it felt like i was touching the hand of god. Grant me my wish of the nexus 7 Please or ill Punt a kitten 50 Yards.

  227. I need this nexus…I’m using it to conduct surgery on my iPad.

  228. I used xscope to replace dolphin, now it looks even better and if i get a nexus 7 i cant complain about that

  229. Thanks for the Nexus 7! xScope FTW!

  230. Another nexus 7 would be nice

  231. Worth a try, the stock browser isn’t very good.

  232. xScore seems pretty good. I’ll give it a try.

  233. winnah winnah chicken dinnah?

  234. It’s because of good applications like this that I spend way too much time on the internet, despite not being at my computer. I like it, well done.

  235. I would love a Nexus 7

  236. Definitely gonna try it out. I hope I win the Nexus 7!

  237. I’m so in!!

  238. That would be awesome

  239. LOVE XSCOPE! Been using it for months

  240. Looks cool, will give this a try.

  241. Downloading now.

  242. Good review, makes me want to check out xScope and see how it compares to the other browsers.

  243. I am surprised I have never heard of this browser before today. Hopefully it will take off and be something bigger than what we currently have. Downloading it now…

  244. Ohh, count me in. Looks like an interesting browser with a lot of potential. And we already know how great the Nexus 7 is.

  245. I’ve been using this browser for quite a while now and really enjoy it as alternate to the standard browser

  246. I hope it’s more stable than Google Chrome on my SGS2.

  247. One handed (thumb) browsing sounds very appealing!

  248. Awesome my favorite browser

  249. Cool! I’ll give it a try if I manage to get a Google gift card.

  250. I bought xScope back when I had an Eris. It was a nice lightweight browser then, but it has definitely evolved into something much greater now. I am not a huge fan, however, of the settings menu. It lacks the UI polish seen elsewhere.

  251. Cool. I’ll have to see about trying this browser.

  252. A new tablet for new school year. Oh happy day!

  253. I have long purchased this browser and am not regretting it.

  254. I’ve been using xscope pro since my og Droid days. This was the best browser out at the time that no one knew about. It’s great to see the dev continuing to update at make it better. Pin to zoom is terrific.

  255. Excited about trying the “darken” mode to conserve battery power… a feature I’ve often wondered why hadn’t been implemented in other browsers.

  256. First time I ever heard talking of this browser. I’m currently using chrome, but I’m definitely gonna try it. After all, no browser’s perfect, and that includes chrome!

  257. Interesting, I tried this browser a while back when it wasn’t as slick, looks decent.

  258. Alternative browsers FTW! I don’t know why anybody stays on stock these days…

  259. I will buy this app if I win the Nexus. Promise.

  260. Me me memememememememe

  261. Need to give this browser a try. Looks clean & minimal – so nice.

  262. I’d love to win a Nexus 7! I promise to buy the app if I do!

  263. I actually got this browser for free in the Amazon App Store free app of the day a while back. It has improved a lot since then. I like it, but with Chrome Sync it’s hard to get me away from it. I keep my bookmarks updated through Google Bookmarks and through Google Chrome so if a browser can sync to Google Bookmarks it has a chance of pulling me away from Chrome.

  264. Sounds pretty cool, I will check it out.

  265. I’m in. you can send the Nexus whenever you get a chance ;)

  266. I have been using xScope for years.. It has always had a small footprint and very fast. It has followed me from my Droid Iris to today’s Rezound. Great Browser!!!

  267. Sounds like a pretty good browser, have to give it a try

  268. oooh ill try this on my galnex and transformer prime

  269. Excellent way to raise the profile of an app

  270. Can I haz Nexus 7 plz?

  271. I remember when the developer started out here on the Android forums. He built his browser on user feedback, thats the sign of a good dev!

  272. Downloading now, alot of features I can’t wait to try out!

  273. I’ll give it a try later… It seems pretty nice…
    And hopefully the Nexus 7 will be mine…
    Mine… ALL MINE!!! My precious!!! :P

  274. Looks to be a great solution for the Nexus 7 lack of flash support, among other things!

  275. i need a nexus 7

  276. Thank you guys!

  277. I would like to try the app on a brand new Nexus 7!

  278. Man I could really use a brand new Nexus 7…What’s that you say? You’re giving one away! Well hope today is my lucky day!

  279. I like the browser, cool!

  280. I need a nexus 7 to test it out!

  281. Great app, it’s definitely in my top 10

  282. Nexus 7 would be pretty sweet

  283. Randomly pic me please!!!

  284. Looks good, I’m wondering how it will compare to Dolphin and Chrome. I normally don’t buy apps and since there are so many other good browsers for free I may wait until it is a bit more polished.

  285. I say middle of the road is good, not to heavy, not to lightweight…. however i also say only my comment should count. pick me, pick me!! if for nothing else, my username should get it for me! lol

  286. If I had a Nexus 7, I’d use nothing but xScope Pro!

  287. The darken mode alone makes it worth the price, I will make due with a slight lack of polish in order to preserve my battery life. Works wells so far, thanks to Gary for providing such an option for heavy browsers!

  288. I use xscope pro exclusively. Love it. My favorite is the swipe forward/back navigation from the sides.

  289. looks cool. would love a nexus 7 too

  290. I could use a Nexus 7!! Thanks for the giveaway

  291. Come on, needing a Nexus 7 here!

  292. Browser looks cool. Nexus 7 would look nice next to my galaxy nexus.

  293. How does it compare speed wise to Chrome and Dolphin? Anyway, I’d love to try it out on a new Nexus 7!

  294. I will definitely be giving this browser a try.

  295. Nexus me. Is that legal in the lower 48?

  296. Always interested in new browsers – I’ll give it a shot!

  297. gimmee gimme!

  298. Why no free version?

  299. I’d love to try this out on a brand new Nexus 7.

  300. Can’t wait to try it on my new Nexus 7!

  301. Hopefully I win! I will be buying one before November if I don’t get lucky. Meanwhile I will give it a try on my Galaxy Nexus, see how it compares with chrome :D

  302. worthless comment :)

  303. I’m all over it if it lets me browse full screen…Chrome and FF on my tablet leave the address bar at the top, taking away valuable screen real estate.

  304. I want a tablet! Xscope rocks!

  305. Looks great! Downloading now. Love the darkened idea, it’s a wonder why google hasn’t forged ahead to invert apps, at least give us the choice.

  306. Tex-Mex farts? Fo rizzle.

  307. I’m going to be totally honest.
    this is my first ever post on this website and I freakkkin want that nexus 7 ~_~
    I like fruits, vegetables, ramen noodles, coke, chicken, pigs, cows, milk, sauna. jus sayiin

  308. I like the idea of new approaches to UI navigation.

  309. Can’t wait to try it on the N7

  310. Pick me!! I really need a tablet, just can’t afford one :-(

  311. Me please :)

  312. Wow I remember this app from way back on my G1, glad to see it still getting updated. How does the speed of this browser compare to Chrome’s? Already have a Nexus 7 but I’d love to get one for my ailing grandmother.

  313. Yes, yes. I definitely need a nice new Android tablet to get the full xScope experience. ;)

  314. Looks pretty good, and I’d love a Nexus 7 :)

  315. The browser is legit as well to say the least

  316. I always am looking for a better browser… I will have to try this one out! Also, thanks for the opportunity to win a Nexus 7!

  317. I hope I win one of these contest someday!! If I win… I promise to buy the browser!!

  318. I wouldn’t mind trying out xScope, I would need a Nexus 7 but thats a mere formality I’m sure.

  319. I’ve used the browser before and thought it was a nice and smooth browser. Currently I am using Chrome as my main due to the fact that I can sync it with my desktop. Otherwise, I still have xscope as another option to use at times.

  320. a nexus 7, you say? yes, please.

  321. I hope I win, ya I might buy one next week but saving that cash would be better and to use that free $25 from Google Play to buy the app for my phone, Transformer Prime, and hopefully (a free) Nexus 7.. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  322. uuu a Nexus 7, the Dev rocks

  323. Looks interesting. Might give it a try.

  324. I’d like a Nexus 7.

  325. Amazon had xscope as it’s free app of the day quite awhile back and I snagged it then. Pretty impressed with it’s speed at the time, haven’t really used it much since.

  326. The wife thinks I spend to much time on my phone, so she won’t let me spend any money on a tablet or any electronic whatsoever…but she didn’t say I cant have one if its free of purchase.

  327. not bad, but google changed the browser game with Chrome for Android. But willing to play with xScope on teh new Nexus 7 i am about to win.

  328. very nice browser. I downloaded the pre ICS version and was surprised. I may replace dolphin with it. we’ll see

  329. xScope rocks! Randomly land here, please. :)

  330. I’ve been waiting for a lowprice Android tablet, and this could be it!

  331. Xscope is so great! it saved my marriage and reinvigorated my sex life! I feel confident and bold ever since I downloaded and installed Xscope!!! No need to take crap from stock, maxthon, firefox, chrome, skyfire, dolphin browsers any longer! With Xscope you can surf the entire internet within ONE HOUR!!!!* Don’t hassle any longer with the fake clone wannabe intimidation Xscope browsers ! GET THE REAL THING TODAY!!!!!!!

    ****warning**** *Xscope is so awesome you might die from epileptic shock *** make sure you visit your doctor to make sure your healthy enough to experiment with Xscope**

    1. If you experience extreme lethargy, or an erection lasting longer than 10 minutes, please visit your local emergency room.

  332. I would love to win this!!!!!

  333. I surely can use a nexus 7 :P

  334. yay rah yay, NEXUS 7 pleaaasse

  335. I really want to try xScope and REALLY want to win Nexus 7

  336. Bring honor to family by winning nexus 7, yes.

  337. Sweet, I <3 gestures. :-D

  338. I like the idea of gestures. I use them with my desktop browser. Sounds good.

  339. I remember when xscope was a beta back in the day. Its nice to see them grow in function and support like they have. Keep up the great work. Going to give it a try looks more promising then ever.

    Thanks for the update on a great product. Good luck and congrats to the winner

  340. I’ve tried several browsers and I’m still not comfortable with any… Maybe I’ll give it a go.

  341. Nexus 7 please and thank you

  342. Truthfully I just really want the Nexus 7. I hate my BB Playbook

  343. Nice to see another alternative browser evolving. I’ve yet to find one that truly does all I want. Dolphin is close but not quite right

  344. xScope is one of the oldest but still most reliable browsers!

  345. I just played around with the Nexus 7 at Staples and it’s awesome! I so hope I win!

  346. can it play hulu videos

  347. Ooo… I want it!

  348. Mine mine mine mine mine!

  349. 1/359 odds (currently), not too shabby.

  350. I want nexus 7

  351. Would love to win a Nexus 7 to try out the Xscope browser on.

  352. Ooooh, this browser sounds awesome. Heading over to the play store to DL! #nexus7plz!

  353. Gestures are the way to go…… gimme my Nexus 7.

  354. If I own the Nexus 7, I am the Nexus 7.

  355. I would like to welcome the xScope experience on a new Nexus 7 tablet.

  356. If I win the Nexus I will buy your app! fair trade!

  357. looks nice but i really can’t live without quick controls on stock browser :D

  358. I have xscope but I don’t have a nexus 7.

  359. I would like the nexus 7

  360. xScope and I go back like sunflower seeds and quarter waters.

  361. Classes start Wednesday….couldn’t ask for a better way to start out the year!!

  362. This browser has come a long way!

  363. I love the X scope browser I got on the Amazon app store. I didn’t know there was a new version! I wanna try it on jelly bean!

  364. I bought this years ago, then it was on Amazon’s FAotD. I stopped using it for a while in lieu of dolphin, maybe it is time to come back and check it out.

  365. The darkening mode looks interesting. There really needs to be an F.lux equivalent on android but this might do for now.

  366. Nexus 7! Me! Xscope! Awesome!

  367. This looks awesome. I’m gonna download it for my RAZR Maxx

  368. interesting little browser

  369. This browser really is a major improvement over Android’s stock browser.

  370. Xscope + Nexus 7 = <3

  371. I would definitely get the xScope Browser if I got a Nexus 7.

  372. quality browser, been using for a couple of years now,.

  373. nice review, now send me the nexus 7, Ill buy the app with the $25 credit ill get from it :-)

  374. Tell you what: if you give me a free tablet, I will buy your app for $2.99. It’s the least I could do.

  375. Loved using xScope on my old phone. Best browser for older/slower phones.

  376. Are you going to do a better job getting in touch with me when I win this than you did when I won the slacker subscription?

  377. AWESOME! Will try it when I receive a Nexus 7!

  378. Hmm…, maybe it’s time to give xScope a try and see what all this buzz is about….?

  379. Looks like a great browser Gary. Combining speed and features should make for a killer app. I especially like the customisable gestures! Now if only I could take advantage of it… Nexus 7 please!

  380. I cant wait to try xScope and REALLY want to win Nexus 7

  381. Nice looking browser, can’t wait to try it out on the Nexus 7!

  382. I think i might try this xscope

  383. Just downloaded the browser and i’m pretty impressed by it. The one thing that I love the most is the pin-to-zoom. I hate having to you two hands to zoom in and zoom out with precision. Pin-to-zoom allows the same precision with only one finger. That’s is awesome. Regardless of if i get the Nexus 7, I’m glad I came across this review.

  384. Looks good, I will have to give this a try.

  385. Winner!!

  386. xScope would be great on that nexus 7 ^_^

  387. I like it, it runs better than firefox on my phone. I’d love to tested on a new nexus 7 though.

  388. xScope looks decent, i’ll check it out. Nexus 7.

  389. Winning!

  390. I was never a big fan of xscope in the past. Looks like I’ll have to give it another try.

  391. I’ll give this a try. :)

  392. I’ll bet that xScope would work great on a Nexus 7. Now if only I had one to try it on…

  393. Hmm, I haven’t tried this browser yet. Maybe I’ll have to give it a look.

    If you give me the free tablet, that is. Hint hint.

  394. I haven’t used xScope in a loooong time. It’s about time I go back to it.

  395. After reviewing your app, I was impressed with how customizable it was. And the feature that stood out among the crowd was the “darken” mode. There are many browsers out there. And to my knowledge, none of them offer a tablet for commenting on how they are different from the others. Gary, I don’t really need a tablet but I am impressed that no other browser developer has thought of this. Your creativity should be imitated by other developers. THIS is why Android rocks!

  396. I used to use xScope for a while, but have since switched to Chrome. Chrome’s connectivity, simplicity, and snappiness are just too good to pass up.

  397. I need it for school

  398. Sounds interesting

  399. I’ve been using Xscope for quite awhile now on both my Evo and Transformer works great for both devices and the gestures are greatly appreciated/ highly innovative. I’ve shown it off to my sis and she said she loved it especially the gesture controls except she has been meaning to get an e reader/ smallish tablet but i figured that the Nexus 7 was perfect for her (great processor, 7 inch hd display, jellybean as well as incredibly portable. I think she could really benefit from that device (I’m the youngest as well as the most “android savvy” in my family haha so this as a gift would win me A LOT of brownie points :))

  400. I’m in the UK so hope I can enter too!

  401. looks like a promising browser. If only someone would give me a nexus 7 to stream it with!

  402. A Nexus 7 would be a daymaker. I’ve been dying to get one! Oh, and xScope would be the first app installed!

  403. ok sounds good ill try it niw can i please win the nexus 7

  404. It looks like a pretty strong web browser. This is a great alternative to the default browser and having the darkening mode can help out with the 4G LTE phones that are already draining too much battery.

  405. Great review… Can’t wait to try XScope out… hope I can try it out on a new Nexus 7

  406. Not compatible with anything below 4.0 ??? Y ?

  407. I wouldn’t say no to a nexus, and xscope is a solid browser.

  408. Lovely app, Darken mode is absolutely brilliant !!!

  409. As long as it’s lightweight, snappy, supports a “Desktop” user-agent, and correctly renders a few pages I visit often, I’d be willing to give it a go. “Darken” mode sounds interesting. So far, Opera is my only choice as it’s the only one that meets my simple requirements, though it feels heavy. There’s definitely a niche to fill. Is it so hard to render pages with an embedded scrollbar? I’m looking at you Dolphin…

  410. Sick name, looks smooth, seems like a keeper

  411. oooh oooh I wanna be Dom Deluise…oh wait thats Cannonball Run…oh well I still wanna be him. But anyway this browser could be very useful.

  412. Have been an xscope user for about a year. Would love to give it a try on the nexus.

  413. i have been a long time user of xScope and will continue to do so. hands down its the best browser even better than dolphin.

  414. love xscope, would really love it on a nexus

  415. been using forever…

  416. Though it does seem interesting, still not sure I’m completely sold….

  417. I’m amazed by the number of great browsers that Android offers. My data cap requires that I use Opera on the go, but I also have many others when on wifi. I may add this one to my current selection though.

  418. My wife would maybe, probably have sex with me if I’d win her this!!

  419. App definitely seems like it is worth a try. I think I’ll give it a shot when i get home from work.

  420. You guys gotta send this one my way!

  421. I’ve always been a fan of dark UI Themes. My PC Windows theme is almost all black.

  422. You will all bow to me once I win this!

  423. If I win the Nexus, the first app I will download will be xScope!

  424. Can’t wait to check out xScope…ON MY NEW NEXUS 7!

  425. I’d be willing to give it a shot on a brand new Nexus 7.

  426. Maybe there is finally a browser to use over the stock JB browser? This will be interesting to check out.

  427. Looks pretty cool

  428. The feature for reviewing the last page seems very useful.

  429. I’m reluctant to try any browser that you need to pay for simply because I have no problem with the free browsers. Giving away a nexus 7 is a great move by them to get the word out though and if I were to somehow win… All my friends and family would be downloading this browser on principal haha

  430. I am interested in checking this out!

  431. Seems like a great browser upgrade! First app that will go on my new Nexus 7 if I win :)

  432. This is a nice review. Wish I had a Nexus7 to use the app.

  433. This would be an awesome device to win.

  434. Interesting. I will have to play with it.

  435. I used to use xScope back in the day. Glad to see it hasn’t been left by the wayside and will definitely download it again and see the improvements

  436. I stick to Chrome, but might check this out as my alternate.

  437. I know you want to give mea Nexus 7!! Just give it to me already!

  438. xscope seems like it has some cool features. can I have my nexus7 now?

  439. I need to win this contest so I can get that app. It looks so cool!

  440. It certainly sounds like an interesting app, though the level of effort in trying out a new browser is non-trivial, making me less likely to do so (free or paid). I look forward to seeing more reviews over time.

  441. Hurray!!

  442. Man there are so many good browsers on android.

  443. I’m still surprised that the default android browser doesn’t have an incognito window. I’m glad it’s being brought in by others

  444. Interesting. Will definitely check this out.

  445. As someone who streamlines Google chrome across multiple devices, I always welcome something new to compare and pinpoint what it can do better. All browsers have at least one thing that is done better than others. As a developer, I look forward to see new applications

  446. This is the first time hearing of the browser, but now I have to go give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up and the contest!

  447. i like that this can convert the white to a darker white it would make it less blinding when surfing the web at night

  448. Good solid app. I hope I win this contest

  449. I volunteer to beta test xScope on the Nexus 7 if I win!:)

  450. Definitely worth a try – Chrome is good but is missing some of these features!

  451. Commenting! Better than sliced bread!

  452. Never heard of xscope. Thanks for the review.

  453. Nice article!!! I’d like to throw my hat in there for a chance to win a Galaxy 7 and play with xXcope!!! :)

  454. Sounds like it has some potential!

  455. This looks good, going to give it a try, but would rather try it on a nexus. :-)

  456. time to check out the browser

  457. I’ve tried xScope before, might be time to give it another try.

  458. I’ll definitely have to try out this browser. I would love to do so on a Nexus 7

  459. Thus browser seems like the developer put all the great thing and improved on the good things Fromm all the other browsers. Can’t wait to try it out.

  460. will check it out

  461. Nice review

  462. Well, it looks like I will “go ahead and leave [my] comment then head over to Google Play to check out xScope for [my]self.”

  463. seems like a pretty cool app! i’d love to have a new tablet =)

  464. I’ve been using it forever. XScope rocks.

  465. Looks like I have a new browser to try out… I’m very partial to pics stock

  466. I’ll have to give it a try

  467. Winning a N7 would be fantastic, especially considering how subpar my Tab 7.0 Plus is lately. Too slow with a Touchwiz on it.

  468. I would like that very much

  469. Sounds interesting…I’ll give it a try.

  470. This sounds like a winner (just like me? Please?)!

  471. It’s interesting to see that this will be the only major browser in JB that still supports Flash (that is if you sideload it). Seems like the browser has all the major features that I’m looking for, is there a Lite versioin to try?

  472. Well this is going to get out of hand!

  473. Looks great!

  474. I decided to give your browser a try, I’m currently using another market browser but this browser shows some serious promise and has features that my current browser lacks, I’m really liking it alot so far!

  475. Interesting looking app. Google Credit may be used soon!

  476. Yeah I’ve been using xScope since it was first released. It’s fantastic

  477. Looks like a pretty sweet browser option for Android. Gotta love competition.

  478. I’d love to be able to try this out on a tablet

  479. I’ve been using Xscope Pro for quite a while and it is a GREAT browser. I love the features, quick response and ad blocking!

  480. Interesting alternative. I’ll probably give it a try.

  481. Seems like an appealing app.

  482. Big gulps huh? Welp, see ya later!

  483. Looks interesting but not sure if it could replace Chrome for me

  484. I’ve been an xScope user for a while and would love to win.

  485. love the openness of the android platform. Glad that so many people are collaborating on wonderful products.

  486. I would LOVE to have a tablet. I have a crappy old computer and an old phone. Having something new and free would be awesome!

  487. Nice, I agree with the others, the darken mode is great for night-time browsing and sets this browser apart from the others.

  488. I’ve been using Dolphin for since my HTC Hero so maybe it’s time to try something new.

    And I’m jealous of my brother’s Nexus 7 so here’s hoping I win one!

  489. I think xScope might just be the greatest browser the world has ever known.

  490. Very cool to see a developer making things better for us Android users. In addition a Nexus 7 would go great with my Galaxy Nexus!

  491. (insert comment here)

  492. I know I have probably the small chance, but hey, every post counts so, fingers crossed, hope I win

  493. I had used xScope a while ago, but have not given it a look again. I will now!

  494. I’d love to try xScope on the nice new Nexus 7 once i win :D

  495. I can’t wait to try xScope on my new Nexus 7! :)

  496. Like it so far, can’t wait to see further updates

  497. Impressive feature set for sure. Willing to give it a try over Chrome for sure!

  498. Man, I can’t get enough of these browsers. I’ve got way too many of those already, but I can find room for one more.

  499. Looks like a promising browser. I’ve ditched opera recently… Laugh for an alternative will give this a try…

  500. I want to try this on a new free Nexus.

  501. Looks like a very good browser. I’ll give it a try to mix things up and see if it can increase my productivity. A Nexus 7 would be nice as well.

  502. Nice try on introducing the new idea of the app!

  503. xscope browser is the best i am recommending this browser to everyone i know

  504. Oooooo I think I can win this thing if I can just stick the landing!

  505. I’ve enjoyed Xscope and think it has promise but it would be more useful with richer plugin support, xmarks and lastpass coming to mind.

  506. I love the “Darkened Screen” and how you can operate the browser with one hand. Very Nice.

  507. I’ve been switching between xScope and Dolphin Browser HD as my daily browser for a while now. Still can’t figure out which one I like more.

  508. I have tried this browser couple of times but now it has made some admirable progress by brining a balance between speed and features. The best feature is the “Darken Mode” since one of the major issue with almost all smart phone is battery consumption. I use inverted Gapps applications and hence the browser really blends well…

  509. I was a big fan of xScope before. Definitely going to try this out.

  510. Sounds like a great browser!

  511. The Darken mode sounds like a great feature if you have an AMOLED screen. Alas, my phone has a SuperLCD screen, so I suspect that won’t help as much.

  512. Interesting…will try.

  513. Being able to switch up browsers is a great option. I use different browsers depending on what task I’m doing. This one seems like a great addition to that. Thanks for the great review!

  514. Having both an iPad and a tablet, I can definitely say that Android tablets are more user-friendly. And I haven’t had money charged to my CC from any of my Android devices. I’m very excited to test out this new browser.

  515. I’ll only take it if it comes with xScope preloaded.

  516. I’m gonna check out Xscope and would love to be picked as the winner!

  517. I think the app’s icon doesn’t do it justice. I came across this app on search before but paid it no mind because the bland icon didn’t draw me in.

  518. These comments…. ridiculous.

  519. Xscope sounds like a winner. Now I hope they make me a winner of a new nexus 7 tablet. ;-)

  520. xScope is great I love their browser.

  521. Looks like a pretty nice browser. I like the darken mode and built in ad blocking.

  522. Love the website keep up the great work :)

  523. Awesome browser, may be my favorite.

  524. Thank you for the review and the opportunity to receive a Nexus 7. I’ll have to check out xScope.

  525. I’ve been a Dolphin HD user for years now but have noted its beginning to”bulk up”. I’ll be happy to try xScope or as an additional option.

  526. xscope will work great on my new nexus 7 tablet that i am going to win =P

  527. This looks pretty innovative I might have to try it out!

  528. This is a very good browser. Little more polish and this thing had the potential to be my browser of choice. Will try and make this my daily browser for the rest of the month.

  529. Worth checking out. I’ve gotten used to Chrome as my default browser though.

  530. Pick me, pick me, I’ll try anything once!

  531. Truly a fresh and unique browsing experience, keep up the great w