New Pictures of Nikon Android camera surface?

We’ve gone from phones to tablets, to smart watches and media players. The camera space is another up and coming realm for Android to shine, and it looks like we may have a new major player coming to the ring.

Nikon’s Coolpix series may be getting a bit of an upgrade as new rumors abound suggest they’ll be making an Android-powered point and shoot. It’s said to be called the S80C, and it will be a great marriage of lens and robot to make for a very flexible experience. We’ve heard about it before, and we’ve now gotten new shots of what this camera may end up looking like.

Imagine being able to download Picsay Pro and add features that most other cameras can’t get? Using Android on a camera makes for great extensibility, and that’s something very important for those who have suffered the vast limitations of traditional point and shoot cameras.

We can’t say for sure when Nikon will release the camera, but being one of the bigger names in photography will go a long way toward making Android on a compact camera mainstream. [Nikon Rumors via Gizmodo]

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  • xriderx66

    that thing looks fugly

  • JamesS

    Having Vignette on a real camera would be fun.



    • malcmilli

      who cares, gimmicks are fun

  • JulianZHuang

    was hoping it will be a DSLR or at lease those 4/3 camera.

    • Unorthodox

      I don’t think there are a lot of photography lovers who would be enticed by a DSLR with Android, unless it comes with a killer Nikon branded software package. Mainstream point-n-shoot consumers (like me) would find it very appealing though. And you can market it to non-phandroids as a camera, on which you can play some serious Angry-birding (or whatever is on the top of the list at the moment).

  • James


  • spicymeatball

    This is why Android must exist. An open platform that others can innovate with. So different than iOS.

  • vitriolix

    Great concept, if they made a high end android device like this I’d definitely get one… but as soon as you see Android 2.3 on it you know its going to be last gen hardware, likely even 2-3 gens out of date. Just imagine a Nikon 1 with Android Jelly Bean on it…

    • RavenFox

      This isn’t a phone. You can do much on a device such as a camera with android 2.3.

    • WickedToby741

      This is purely about the camera, not the OS version or apps. This is aimed at taking and sharing pictures easier, which is the main point of a point and shoot.

      • vitriolix

        Yeah, I get it. But Android 4.1 makes for a better user experience. More polished, smoother, easier to use. All of these are directly relevant to a camera as much as a smartphone or tablet.

  • satsmine2k4

    They should put in a phone chip and call it Nikon coolphone…….:)

    • WickedToby741

      And then Apple will sue them because it has rounded corners, a grid of icons, and it makes phone calls.

      • scoter man1

        Don’t forget it has a camera flash, which Apple clearly patented and were the first to invent.


    the first wireless company that sells it wins.

  • The Mute

    I like it! 2.3 or whatever I think it’s a great idea. I won’t buy the first one but I will be getting a later version!

  • InspectorGadget80

    One ugly looking cam. Nikon could of done better than this design and at least give it some ICS. I’m sure this camera will never get the update.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Nikon’s lens technology with Android’s software? Hell yes. Please be at LEAST 12 mp…

  • Chris Ruble

    Apple’s going to team up with Canon and introduce the iSitePhone New 3G. They’ve been inventing 3G technology for the last 32 years, and it’s 105x faster than todays LTE. It runs OS X Domestic Short Hair and it runs on Meow Mix instead of lithium ion batteries.

    $1299 on a 26 year contract. Amazing value.

  • zach white

    Think of all the awesome camera apps we have on android. This will be a nice camera if it allows us to use more than just the stock photo app