Lenovo shows off K860 ‘Music Phone’ with quad-core Exynos CPU, 5-inch display

Lenovo is the latest company to jump into the bigger-than-big phone game with the announcement of the K860 “Music Phone.” The phone, which for now seems destined for the Chinese market, features an impressive spec sheet boasting a 5-inch 720p display, 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 CPU with Mali-400MP graphics, and 8MP camera. The Android 4.0.4 phone isn’t the thinnest ever, but manages to measure in at a serviceable 9.6mm while retaining a 2,250mAh battery.

Exactly why it is being dubbed the “Music Phone” isn’t quite clear, but the assumption is it will feature some enhanced audio features. No word on exact pricing or availability yet, but, again, expect to see this one in China first before (if it even does) spreading out to other locations around the world.

[via Engadget]

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  • IrishSid

    First of all, looks just like the s2 / note.

    Second, music phone? with the new chip in the gs3 – and presumably the note 2 – what extra sound/audio enhancements could there be to have this dubbed a ‘music phone’?

    Still tasty though. Any word on price?

    • MarcusDW

      “…s2 / note.”

      Right, because it’s a rectangle. That argument sounds familiar.

  • PC_Tool

    Those look like on-screen keys….can anyone confirm??

    • JulianZHuang


      • PC_Tool

        Sorry if I don’t trust your confirmation as gospel…

        Got a link?

        • JulianZHuang

          you kidding right? you can clearly see those keys are displayed within the LCD…. same as my GN.

          • PC_Tool

            Unless you are looking at a completely different graphic while it *looks* like they may be on the LCD, it sure as heck isn’t “clear”.

            …hence the request for confirmation…

            Make that “official confirmation”…I don’t need any more “looks like it to me, so I’ll confirm it” posts.

          • JulianZHuang

            something wrong with your monitor i guess. you can google.

            but here is a picture of the phone with a huge LCD. you can compare both picture.


          • Crimsonshadow774

            Looks like on screen keys to me. nice and clear on my Gnex.

          • Big_EZ

            It’s very clear on my RAZR and my pc.

  • http://www.newportessentials.com/ paco cornholio

    This one was probably given a green light almost a year ago, back when people thought HTC was on to something with the Beats purchase.

  • Saleenfiend

    I want that widget

  • ericsorensen

    Phones that tout music capability really need built-in stereo speakers. This would really increase how good they sound – in quality and loudness.

  • IronHorse01

    Looks like a bigger sgs2

  • ksizz25

    I am beginning to wonder why we see these post. Not that I disagree with posting them, its just the rest of the world uses the carriers as so called “Dumb Pipes” while the only dumb pipes here in the states are us consumers because we are Dictated by the carrier/s. Verizon was and has been, the only company that had a chance to break into the popular branding that apple carries with the O.G. Droid but ruined that by naming 75% of their androids “droid” that name should have been exclusively for the top tier flagship type phones. But that all ended when they bing-ified phones like the original Galaxy S and skipped the S2 all together.

  • Chris

    Wow. Can they put the word Lenovo any bigger? Instant deal break


      Their logo has always been bold.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    If they put craploads of flash memory in it and an empty slot I’d be tempted.

  • DarrenR

    Is this going to be with a specific carrier, or do they only sell their devices outright?