Black Samsung Galaxy S3 will feature 64GB internal storage, launch in October, says Clove UK

While Samsung remains mum on the possibility of a black Galaxy S3, the company’s UK retail partners haven’t been so good at keeping a secret. After Carphone Warehouse outed the handset last week, Clove is now coming forward to provide a few more details. The black Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first edition of the phone to feature 64GB of internal storage, a feature that Samsung confirmed would find its way to market later this year. The device is said to go on sale in October, but pricing details have not been confirmed. In the meantime, Clove has set up a landing page for the device and plans to offer pre-orders as soon as full release details are available.

[via Clove]

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  • IronHorse01

    Smart move

  • PC_Tool

    Where’s the version without the capacitive/physical keys???

    We really need a more powerful Nexus about now…ya know, one that doesn’t have some pretty major screen/radio issues, and actually has some decent hardware.

    If the wife wouldn’t kill me for doing so I’d run the new unlock on her SIII and flash a JB ROM just to see how my GN should have run…

    Okay, done venting. We now return to your normal comment-stream…

    • Butters619

      Samsung is making one version of the SGS3, so maybe they’ll lose cap/physical next year for the SGS4.

      Hopefully we see some strong Nexus devices this year. After the N7 I am being optimistic!

      • PC_Tool

        Here’s hoping.

        I would love to see a Nexus with specs comparable to the recently announced Mi-2(sp?)….but of course, with 64GB onboard since we’ll get no sd-card support. ;)

        That, and a better screen. I really miss how bright and crisp the screen is on my Fascinate….(still have it, but it’s such a *tiny* little phone nowadays.)

    • James

      Why are you venting? The Nexus phone will be released in the fall. You know, same as the last two years.

      • PC_Tool

        I believe my reasons were explained in the “vent”…

        I know Nexus devices are generally released in the fall. My post was not intended to imply I expected one sooner. It was merely an outlet for frustration with the current device.

        Ya know, hence the term “venting”. Frustration vented…all is good now.

        (well, at least until the next announcement of a far superior product)

  • shmigga

    Too bad they didn’t release the black version when it came out in the US. It’s the best looking one in my opinion.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    64GB Internal should have been since day one. If you’re going to be accused of copying apple, might as well mimic there release tactics to screw with um’!

  • Jack Mabry Jr

    I’ve changed my mind, I think blue is best color option.

  • ReverseRoxas

    What do you all think? Any chances for this phone in the states?


    Black looks so much better than blue.