Smart updates from Google Play now live

For those watching their mobile data consumption, the need to re-download an entire APK simply to update an app with incremental features and bug fixes can be a real drag, especially for larger-sized files. Back at Google I/O, a new smart updates feature was teased that would see Android handsets download only the portions of code that have changed between app versions. These incremental downloads to go along with incremental app updates went live yesterday when Google updated the Play Store to version 3.8.15.

Though the launch appears tied to the release of the latest version of the apps marketplace, users with older versions should still be able to take advantage of smart app updates, as it appears the changes occurred server-side and not on the actual device. 

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • master94

    Very nice. Im sure those with limited days will enjoy this. As for me I plan to abuse my unlimited data until vzw take it away.

    • AmericanPatriot4

      Yeah, their days are numbered. It’s quite sad :/ (hehe)

      All I have to say about this is: It’s about DAMN time!

    • Michael Thompson

      …when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!

    • jbo1018

      You know what is crazy? I updated to the Galaxy S3 on July 22 through best buy mobile and my account still lists unlimited Data. I hope it stays that way. I never was informed through the whole upgrade process that I would lose it so I’ll try fighting it if they take it away but it’s been two billing cycles and still says unlimited.

      • effApple

        lucky man

  • RavenFox

    Great stuff Google

  • squiddy20

    I actually noticed this earlier this morning when downloading a few apps, though I had no idea what it was and thought it was an odd glitch. I was downloading the latest update to 100 Floors and was a little surprised/confused when the download reached ~30% and then started installing. Now I know it wasn’t some odd glitch. Coolness.

  • Be Logical

    Do developers have to update apps or is this all Google play server side?

    • Mike Reid

      Article says “appears the changes occurred server-side”.

      So the whole new APK isn’t downloaded, if some resources are unchanged ?

      Good move, but I suspect this will cause some strange bugs, like the app encryption fail.

      It seems that Google Play is finally getting attention lately, which I’m happy to see.

  • Sluma

    Finally!! Now if they could only allow us to save game data on the cloud so it can be shared by my devices!!

  • Mahmoud824

    I think this was available for some time time because Gameloft recently updated The Dark Knight Rises without re-downloading the whole 1.8GB game. The update was around 30MB and yes they actually published the whole game on the play store I was surprised to find that out unlike there other games.

  • Alan M

    Is that 3.7.15 or 3.8.15?