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Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Bootloader Finally Unlocked – Let The Fun Begin

And that’s a wrap. After a few months/weeks of trying to crack the Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy S3, developers over on XDA are finally ready to take home that bounty. For the less tech savvy, this means GS3′s users on Verizon’s network can finally experience the wonderful world of flashing ROMs and kernels on a once locked down device.

But this new found freedom comes with a catch: once the unsecure bootloader has been flashed to a device using this method, a user will no longer be able to install official updates sent from Verizon. Instead, they’ll have flash back to a stock state or risk bricking their device forever. Pretty much standard fine print for anyone living the ROM life and as the kids say, YOLO.

The process is said to be fairly simple for Ubuntu or Mac users (thanks to terminal emulator), with a Windows version of the process available by installing Ubuntu.