Third Humble Bundle for Android now available

The Humble Bundle collections have been a blast for us Android users, and now the third one is ready to bring you even more fun. The idea behind the Humble Bundle is that you’re given a pack of games that you can buy — games that aren’t crap, mind you — for whatever price you want.

Whether it be $1 or $100, you can get up to 5 games to play on your Android device. Whatever you donate is split three ways: some of it goes to charity, some to the developers, and some to the Humble Bundle team. And the best part is that you can decide which party gets how much.

The third Humble Bundle features the hit game Fieldrunners, and you’re also getting Uplink (one of my personal favorites), Bit.Trip Beat, and Space Chem.

You also get a chance to get Spirits, but you must pay more than the average donation amount in order to get it. The promotion is up for two weeks so be sure to get on over to the Humble Bundle website to get started.

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  • rsanchez1

    They also updated their Humble Bundle Android app. Now I can just download the games I purchased on my Bundle account from the app instead of having to download each apk individually or having to go to the Humble Bundle website and enter the code they show. Also, the Humble Bundle Android app now has a download manager built in, instead of launching your system download manager. It’s very cool!

    • IrishSid

      Is that right?… humble bundle dev.

      • rsanchez1

        No need to be cynical dude. I’m a Humble Bundle user, not a dev. I’ve been using their Android app to download and update my Humble Bundle Android games. When I read about their latest Android Bundle here, I was going to add my code to the Bundle page like I do when a new bundle comes out, but when I opened the app I noticed an update was available with all the nice features I mentioned. The new features were so useful I was surprised they were not mentioned in this article, so I just had to share.

  • AmericanPatriot4

    I work in a hospital, and video games can be very therapeutic for children (and sometimes adult or young adults!). I donated; you should too. Make sure most or all of your donation goes to the charity.

  • Michael Thompson

    Done and done!
    Happy to help!

    @rsanchez1: Thanks for the tip on the installer

  • Danny Callahan


    I WAS going to spend $15 in steam, but now…

  • Daniel Keane

    Spent 0.01$ on one of the previous humble bundles and I was still disappointed, guess they’re independent dev’s for a reason.

    • AmericanPatriot4

      So you gave 1 penny to a good cause just to get the games? Did I read that correctly?