Samsung: Over 10 Million Galaxy Notes Sold Worldwide

Despite naysayers predicting a flop, it turns out the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note was a success with consumers all around the world, with Samsung selling more than 10 million units world wide since the device’s debut last October.

If that number sounds impressive to you, don’t forget that its cousin, the Galaxy S3, managed to sell 10 million units in less than 2 months — but that might have something to do with the device being made available on every carrier as opposed to only AT&T (here in the states). Samsung hasn’t always churned out chart toppers, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 only managed to break 1.4 million units after being available for the past 2 years. And for those wondering, the iPhone 4S sold 4 million units during the its first 2 days of availability.

Here’s to hoping Samsung hits one out of the ballpark with the Galaxy Note 2, giving it the phablet the same treatment as the S3, launching the device around the globe and across multiple carriers (especially here in the US).

[Samsung Tomorrow]

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  • Samsung Fanboy

    The Note 2 is going to kick ass, especially if it has all the cool features of the S III.

    • Chris Chavez

      If they can get it to launch with Jelly Bean — it’ll be HUGE

  • lycan codex

    I want the center and the right most one :D

    • ant-roid


    • supremekizzle

      OMG!! A nerd that likes asian girls, SHOCKING lol.

      • shonangreg

        Nerds are socially inept; I don’t know if they like others sexually at all. Geeks, otoh, like otaku, tend to like the girls who look like Cosplay characters. Lycan expressing a desire for a girl takes him out of nerd territory automatically. Doing so on a tech forum clearly means he is a geek, or otaku, or whatever Koreans call their geeks.

        • lycan codex

          Thanks bro…u take the left most one :D

  • Jeff Chew

    One thing about slender Asian girls, the……Galaxy Note…..looks bigger in their hands.

    • Jason Farrell

      I see what you did there…

  • Carmen Diva

    LOL at the guys below me about the asian models :D

    this is lovely for samsung!

    • Alexander Ramos

      The girls or the Note?