New Dropbox Preview Available For Download – Brings Video Thumbs, Improved Video Playback, Updated UI For Nexus 7


Last updated in July, it appears as if the Dropbox team is preparing another big update to their popular Android app. Not yet available in the Play Store, a preview of the application (version is being sent out to a lucky few via email where users can download the app as part of a “sneak peek.” Features new to this version include:

  • Video thumbnails (before and after image above)
  • Better video playback on ICS and Jelly Bean
  • UI improvements for Nexus 7 tablets
  • Open Dropbox files directly from other apps
  • Other bug fixes

Users are encouraged to visit Dropbox’s forums to give feedback and if you can find download links there as well. No word on when we can expect this update to hit the Play Store but we imagine it wont be much longer.

[Dropbox Forums]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I got one of these! Installed it already. Works great.

  2. I didn’t get this. I am sad :'(

  3. Just go to dropbox web site and get the code to download now!

  4. Unfortunately, I get speeds of 88 kbs when uploading anything from my PC to dropbox… and I have a 25 mbs internet speed… uploading videos would take hours!

  5. I got the preview email last night around 23:20. I had to unlink my phone from my account and re-link just so I could see my sub-folders. I thought I had accidentally deleted them when I was drinking one night deleting unused empty shared folders.

    I haven’t seen the tablet interface but I will say that it seems to be somewhat speedier in both caching and streaming/transferring files. Just hope they work all the bugs out of it before releasing to the public.

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