Acer Liquid Glow now available in the UK for £150

Acer has a new affordable Android option out in the UK today. The Acer Liquid Glow is a 3.7-inch smartphone with a display resolution of 480×800 and a 1GHz single-core Qualcomm CPU. NFC support and a 5MP camera with LED flash and round out the notable specs. The phone wasn’t designed to break the bank and is available SIM-free for £147.99 from Expansys in both white and black color options.

[via EuroDroid]

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  • ahomad hosin

    with extra 10pounds you would get nexus 7 with quad-core processor, HD screen, jelly beans, fast updates and lots of other stuff.

    • tomn1ce

      Will you be able to make a normal phone call and put it in your pocket comfortably? I’m not trying to diss the Nexus 7, but why would you compare a phone to a tablet?

      • ahomad hosin

        my point wasn’t comparing phone to tablet, but saying that this phone with this specs and this price is not worth it, why would they build such a phone in the first place. people has several choices, either pay extra and get better phone, by better phone in contract or get used phone if you don’t have money. but this with this processor is just useless. it doesn’t have one thing that make me want it

        • Chris Chavez

          Some people like cheap, off-contract pricing. At $200, was actually thinking about buying this for my mum.

          • Seth Forbus

            Its ACER. They are KNOWN for selling hardware that WILL fail. I’m not saying buying cheap prepaid phones is a bad thing, but NEVER EVER EVER Acer.

    • meliorist

      It’s not fair to compare it with a tablet that doesn’t have telephony. This device looks like pretty good value when you compare it with other phones.