[Patent Overload] Apple offered Samsung a patent license of $30/phone, $40/tablet, and other short stories from the courtrooms

As the Apple vs Samsung patent battle continues, my patience to write a decent post to cover the story decreases by the second. So I’m just going to give a few words, and point you in the right direction. And doing so, create the saddest series of them all: Patent Overload.

Apple offered Samsung a patent license of $30/phone and $40/tablet back in 2010

Samsung turned them down, despite a 20% discount if they were to license back their own portfolio to Apple. Read more about it at AllThingsD.


Samsung attorneys object Apple’s supersized labels on court exhibits

Samsung feels Apple’s huge labels on court exhibits of Galaxy phones is unfair. Some (read Florian Mueller) feel this is just another pointless tactic by Samsung. But, seeing this image of the Samsung Captivate with a very differentiating back-plate, you got to agree with Samsung that, if nothing else, Apple’s stickers could be a wee bit smaller.

Read about it at Electronista.

Innovate or stagnate: Why your next phone will suck if Samsung beats Apple
THOSE ARE NOT MY WORDS. Just added that for the chuckle I got reading the title. If you want to read the entire thing, head over to Digital Trends.

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  • Dean Politis

    PHANDROID, STOP USING FLORIAN MUELLER IN YOUR ARTICLES. Wasn’t he just discredited this week for being paid by Oracle to write articles supporting Oracle’s claims against Google. Also, the guy is an idiot. If sites stop mentioning him, maybe he will go away.

    • camelsnot

      hey Dean… quiet.


    Well, since Apple is offering a cross-licensing deal, that means they are not 100% they will win this one….This is good news.

    • ffolkes

      Reread, that offer was from 2010.


        Crash, and burn LOL

    • JMcGee

      And $30 per device was NOT a serious offer.

    • TheWenger

      That’s not a realistic licensing deal. That’s a big F-U from the world’s largest patent troll.

      • http://twitter.com/roadrash5155 Sean Bauer

        So, protecting your IP is trolling? If you can’t see the obvious copying on Samsung’s part, then may I suggest a trip to LensCrafters?

  • master94

    Apple-hey I would like to rape you. please submit.
    Apple-well it’s only fair that I rape you.
    Samsung-uh…no means no.
    Apple-Very well then, we will have our lawyers rape you for us then.

    • bmg314


    • camelsnot

      jesus.. your dumbass is back?

    • talhamid

      Correction: Apple: Then let the world’s ‘justice’ system rape you, and consumers, on our behalf

  • VomitoriumSynesis
  • Marsg

    i just left an awesome comment on the article for that old prick

    • camelsnot

      poor fella

  • Brian S.

    Apple so generously offered this low rate licensing fee? Oh Samsung you’re a fool.

    Just kidding.. why would apple make such a shitty offer? As if it’s them trying to offer a resolution to a problem? Fail, and insulting.

  • jbo1018

    Seriously Microsoft gets significantly less that that for each Android phone for patents that are actually valid. They were just hoping to start a trend with a deal like that and kill any profit margins there was in making Android phones so nobody would make them. This just goes to show that Apple was shaking in it’s boots from the Start as far as it relates to Android.

    • http://twitter.com/roadrash5155 Sean Bauer

      If someone stole your property you would be upset as well.

  • Robert Manser

    That article is a joke, not this one but the link.

  • CharlieTX

    No kidding, $30 – $40 per device? That is about 10x the industry norm. No wonder Samsung turned them down.

  • camelsnot

    Now apple gets nothing but the bill for court fees.

  • talhamid

    Feel pissed off at Apple? Join and read lessapple.blogspot.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/AGx07 Chris Brown-Demoreno

    If I were Samsung I’d turn that s*** down too. I don’t believe that Apple should own hardware design patents that are as generic as these. The TouchWiz icons, yeah, Sammy should have known better but that’s easily changed in a software update.