Will the Motorola RAZR (international) receive Android 4.0 today?

It seems like August is the month that most will finally be getting Android 4.0, and if new rumors are correct it looks like Motorola RAZR owners could soon be joining the party.

An unconfirmed report by GSMArena suggests the device will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich today, but there haven’t been any reports from users corroborating this fact just yet.

I should clarify that this is not regarding Verizon’s Motorola DROID RAZR, but rather the international version without the DROID moniker.

But none of that will matter if this rumor doesn’t end up being true so let’s wait until we can get some confirmation before getting all giddy and whatnot. If you have the device be sure to check for the update throughout the day and report back if you’re able to pull anything down.

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  • Alejandro

    I would prefer the older Atrix’s get it first. I mean what’s loyalty for if you just always get shoved down the line?

    • scoter man1

      We should have gotten it a long time ago man. Probably wont be buying another moto phone now.

      • http://twitter.com/marker1015 MrSix

        Razr owners should have had it alot sooner too, not just you guys. The whole model range’s updates got pushed back. And if you think switching manufacturers is gonna help, I recommend you go find a thunderbolt owner, or a charge owner, or a g2x owner(and i could go on) and talk to them and see how far that “loyalty” gets anyone else.
        Either get a Nexus or switch to another OS, those are your choices.

    • Michael Thompson

      Similarly shunned Droid Bionic owner here.
      Oh there’s a rumor about ICS in September, but whatever. I’ll believe what I see running on my phone. If nothing by the end of September I’m rooting and taking control.

      After my great experience with my Nexus 7 tablet I have to say that my next Android phone will be very carefully considered after this experience, and a Nexus device will be a front runner.

  • SiloNova

    Still no update for the Razr here in the UK (its now 5:50pm).

  • Jesse Hamlin

    not sure if this applies to me but I have the Canadian Razr….please let there be an update today!

  • Alan.

    No. Still waiting…