Comcast users gain access to WatchESPN

We have a feeling today’s story will make some of you Comcast users happy. Those who have ESPN as part of their cable TV package will be happy to know that they can now use WatchESPN on Android. It’s always frustrating to know that you are not getting the most out of your cable TV subscriptions by being able to use mobile apps to watch your favorite content on the go (believe me, I know this all too well as a Time Warner Cable customer) so be sure to make no delay in getting the app from the Google Play Store.

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    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

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  • Spritemast

    sweeeeet ESPN onlineeee !!!

  • Michael

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  • Michael Landauer

    Finally… Comcast and ESPN have been advertising for at least a couple months that Comcast customers can use the WatchESPN app on “smartphones and tablets” (note both are plural), but in reality only iPhone and iPad were supported. At least it didn’t take “several months” to add Comcast to the Android app, as Comcast support was claiming.

  • bryce

    To add to the Comcast news we are gonna be selling cell phones soon lol

  • Andrew Bonner

    This is especially good news for me since I am a Tennessee fan who moved to Indiana last year. I had a lot of issues seeing games that didn’t make the major networks last year, and as my busy lifestyle demands, I can’t be near a computer to watch the games on Now, I can not only watch every game on my phone (The SEC has an ESPN contract they signed a couple years ago for them to air every game), but I can also watch any other live ESPN. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!