Samsung GT-P8110 Tab Pops Up At FCC – Possible P10 with 11.8-Inch 2560×1600 Resolution Display?

While tablet lovers are anxiously awaiting the arrival and of the Galaxy Note 10.1 launching sometime this month, another mysterious Samsung tab has just made an appearance at the FCC. Filed on Tuesday, the FCC doc doesn’t reveal too much (they rarely do) other than 16GB of internal storage, typical WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and NFC. What’s most interesting is the design of the tab. A clear departure from what we’ve seen on current Samsung tabs like the Note 10.1 or Tab 2 10.1, this one looks like a new line altogether. Rounded corners, camera shape and placement — looks almost like a big square Galaxy S3, doesn’t it?

You may remember an exposed internal document during Samsung n’ Apple’s patent spat revealing a tablet going by the codename P10. That tablet is said to feature a 11.8-inch super high — don’t-you-dare-call-it-Retina — 2560×1600 resolution display. P8110, P10… close enough. Of course this is pure speculation, so don’t hold us to it. We’ll let you guys know when we hear more.

[FCC | Liliputing]

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  • Marsg

    Looks like it has a similar back design to that of the S3 and maybe even possibly the Note 2
    Edit : I dint read the entire post you covered that on the last sentence lol

  • peanutsrevenge

    They’re not “rounded corners” as they’re patented, it’s a “squared off oval”.

    • LawrenceMcatee

      well played sir.

  • mydragoon mydragoon

    maybe ’rounded square’ or ’rounded rectangle’ is just to avoid more lawsuits… :)

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m sure that has a lot to do with why Samsung designed the S3 in that way.

  • user311

    I am a little upset that I just bought an Infinity, but then I look to my old galaxy tab 8.9 sitting on my coffee table and remember that the only reason that it has ICS is because its rooted… If Samsung had better software support they’d be dangerous. Their next A15 variant looks sick and if it found its way into this tablet i’d be “forced” to upgrade.

  • IronHorse01

    It’s the nexus 5