Google Translate now offers translation from images in latest update

In a faraway land and need a little help reading the road signs? Google Translate has your back. In the latest update to the app the ability to translate text from images is now available. Simply snap a picture of the foreign lettering and brush your finger across the desired text to translate, and like magic you will be staring at the result in your native tongue. The feature is available for Android 2.3 device and higher, and comes as part of an update that also brings instant translation as you type, speech input dialect preferences, and improved Japanese handwriting results.You can grab the latest version of Translate from Google Play now.

Google Play Link: Google Translate

[via Reddit]

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  • watson111505

    Another great Google product..well done

  • metalron

    I don’t see the camera option, in on 2.3. Am i missing something ?

  • wtpanos

    That’s awesome

  • famished

    What’s roaming cost in that country? *working under premise multiple countries use Cyrillic*

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Probably why they chose the free option of wifi :p

  • Nightfall

    I thought Google Goggles does this already.

  • Brian S.

    You know what would be cool? is if Google used the text detection technology to replace the very text in the video/image you were taking.