New devices available from T-Mobile today: Samsung Galaxy Note and myTouch handsets

If you’re in the market for a new phone on T-Mobile’s network, today would be a good day to start shopping. Three new devices are now available and combined offer a little something for everybody. The Samsung Galaxy Note is finally available for $249.99 on contract after months of rumors pointed to the handset launching on the network. It also comes just weeks before the expected unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

On the lower end, new versions of the T-Mobile myTouch and T-Mobile myTouch Q are also available today. Both are priced at $49.99, with the main difference being the keyboard found on the Q. T-Mobile’s site has all the details.


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  • bmg314

    I normally support tmo, but C’MOONNNNN! 250 on contract? Really?


    • wmdnc1990

      Same price as AT&T

      • bmg314

        Yeah but it didn’t just come out…

  • Groh_G2

    What about damn Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q!?! This huawei is suck!! Come on, T mobile!!!

  • aeok18109

    yea uhm NO. way too late for me to care. way to drop the ball Tmo. $100 and we can talk as long as you also serve up the Note 2 when it drops. that i can see as being a sound business plan. Last years device at todays price is BS IMO.

  • No_Nickname90

    I don’t know why everybody is talking about Tmo. They needed money for the merger and since they didn’t get it, they have to overprice their phones. Or at least this is what I think they have to do…

    • UMA_Fan

      This is nonsense. T-Mobile gained money with the merger break up and At&t LOST.

      It matches the at&t price so what exactly is everyone expecting? T-Mobile’s plans are already cheaper so it takes them longer to recoup the discounts anyway. Why expect T-Mobile to discount phones MORE for you when you are already benefitting from a reasonably priced monthly bill?

  • DarrenR

    They also got the sII on prepaid for $349.

    • molomolo

      Link please?
      I can’t find s2 there:

      • DarrenR

        I dont know about all that, but I work in the connection center at a Walmart and they are officially on sale today, the 8th. Monthly 4g, and Family Mobile is getting them for $349. We had received 3 of them for Family Mobile on the 7th.

  • Craig Becker

    Too little, too late. Galaxy Note 2 coming out in few weeks, the note 1 should be 99 bucks tops and will be after the note launches and people realize it. Tmobile hoping to make an extra 150 on the few notes they sell in the mean time? Lame.

  • Alejandro

    You can buy it off contract for 349 which is worth it with the GNo2 around the corner

    • Ben Kapferer

      Really? What a price!

  • malfuncion

    everyone saying gnote2, but I bet they do the same thing as before with the original note- international release first. of course that’s speculation, but never heard of a s3 type release for the note? that wouldn’t make sense for Sammy; basically shadowing American carrier’s s3 with the gnote2. guess we wait for official word…

  • Alejandro

    @malfunction exactly everyone is acting like after the announcement you’ll be seeing it in stores next day. I’d be surprised if we see it before thanksgiving at the earliest and T-mo may not see it till next year. That and the odds of the US variant being Quad Core are slim. So the only difference you’re even looking at is 0.2″