Nova Launcher Enters Public Beta – New Jelly Bean Base, Added Features

The ever popular Nova Launcher from TeslaCoil Software has just entered public beta. Whereas current versions of Nova were based off a modified Ice Cream Sandwich launcher, the new beta marks the first time Nova will begin using the Jelly Bean launcher as a base. Here’s what users can look forward to from the new Nova Launcher Beta:

  • Merge jellybean launcher
  • * Automatic desktop rearrangement
  • * Automatic widget resize
  • * Fling to delete
  • * Smoother
  • * More
  • Import settings from other launchers (Stock, Samsung, HTC, Moto, Trebuchet, Apex)
  • Custom Drawer grid size
  • Add Info/Uninstall to quick menu, better centering and scrolling
  • Update JB Icon Theme for Moto ICS
  • Fix FCs

Users can gain access to the public beta by jumping into their already installed Nova Launcher’s settings, scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Nova Launcher 1.2.2 (Check for updates), then clicking the 3 dots menu next to Changelog, and selecting Beta, then Update. Easy peasy. Don’t forget that this is a beta release, and you’ll be sacrificing stability for staying up to date on bleeding edge tech.

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  • Damon Lewis

    Works great!

  • bob

    eh… I’ll wait for the official. Nova is great but even the current release is a bit glitch sometimes. don’t wanna move to a beta with ten times the probs

    • Chris Chavez

      Mo’ features, mo’ problems? O_o

      • CoolBreeze_777

        Rooted and running Nova. Nexus 7. Running smooth for me. Much faster than stock Jelly Bean.

        • camelsnot

          unrooted and works fine, cuz that’s how I likes muh wimins and phones.

          • CoolBreeze_777

            Lmao! I hear that! Ya I’m not a fan of rooting either but I wanted to hook up a six axis controller and root was my only option.

  • Rich Chinito

    seems ok, not much different than other aftermarket launchers out there…

    • Chris Chavez

      The world of custom launchers is pretty competitive. There are so many out there, but it’s the little things that keep me sticking with Nova :)

      • Rich Chinito

        can u give a few reasons why u stick with Nova?

      • Rich Chinito


  • Jinwon Sung

    Will this run on ICS phones too?

    • Chris Chavez

      Should work just fine :)

    • Rich Chinito

      c’monnnn man!! (chris rock voice)

  • pookietookie

    Love this launcher. Keeps getting better and better!

  • Mimsyborogove923

    I’ve been running Holo Launcher for a few days and so far it’s been quite pleasing. I don’t notice any features lacking compared to when I used ICS APEX and NOVA. And Holo feels just as buttery smooth as the stock JB launcher. Although I still can’t decide if I want to just go back to using VanirAOSP tweaked Launcher, it’s the smoothest I’ve found. I just really like being able to change my homescreen icons and having gestures etc.

    • Chris Chavez

      Some of these launchers are just rip-offs of other ones. I’ve talked to developers about this. I say support devs who put hard work and time into their apps, even if it means paying a few bucks for it.

      • Mimsyborogove923

        Oh gosh, is that what Holo launcher is?

  • Dave4321

    Tried the beta and it was actually very laggy. reverted to 2.2 which is already super smooth.