Vote for the Bugdroid to be recreated in official LEGO style

LEGO creations are fun to witness because they often display the creative fortitude of whoever made them. This Android related creation is no different. User GLHTurbo ordered $30 worth of LEGO pieces and paint to create a sculpture of the Bugdroid.

This isn’t just some static statue, either: you can move its arms and legs. This makes the feat that much more great. But GLHTurbo isn’t satisfied with him being the only to have this design: he wants LEGO to officially produce this model for all to enjoy.

LEGO has an official site to facilitate the need for GLHTurbo to gauge support. If we get enough supporters LEGO will produce the project. Simple, right? The process of registration only takes a minute. Go ahead and help the home team out even if you’re not a big fan of LEGO at the source link ahead. [LEGO CUUSOO┬ávia Droid-Life]

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  • RitishOemraw

    Add an enginge to that thing, so it can move those arms through remote control and it would be worth producing imo.

  • watson111505

    I think its a pretty cool office piece…

  • 91firebirder

    Yay Lego!