Some XOOM 4G LTE customers seeing Jelly Bean?

And the Motorola XOOM is STILL kicking. It looks like a Jelly Bean update could be brewing for Verizon’s 4G enabled version as reports are suggesting the update is headed to at least one device.

Whether or not this was a test build accidentally leaked to a consumer or a stable build being pushed out inadvertently the story seems pretty legit.

The build number, JRO03H, falls in line with the build number for the WiFi version (whose update seems to have been delayed). Whatever the case is we’re just happy Motorola and Verizon are working on it. The only thing left to speculate is whether or not we’ll see the update arrive in a timely manner. [via Droid-Life]

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  • Schaweet

    Exactly why I got the XOOM. Even though it is Verizon it is still technically a GED and the updates keep coming. Although, I’ve had JB for a few weeks now with EOS3…..still good to get all the official closed source stuff added in.

  • bakdroid

    What update has been delayed? The Wifi? Um…no. The wifi version is receiving JB. I have had it for over a week now and I am not part of soak testing.

  • rosita

    I love my Xoom! I am on the Wi-Fi version and already have jelly bean, I gotta sat Jelly bean is smoother than ICS

  • rosita

    Yeah what delay was there supposed to be, I have Jelly bean too?

  • Michael

    I’ve got a non-upgraded 4G Xoom and I haven’t seen JB yet. Hope it’s coming soon.

    • burgosma

      Should have upgraded that thing, there was no reason not to.

      • Michael

        True. But I knew I was never going to get a data plan for it and I didn’t want to deal with mailing it in.

  • Michael

    Speaking of the Xoom, anyone know if it’s possible to get it to recognize a NTFS formatted SDXC card?