Samsung escapes any further rap regarding leaking of info in case against Apple

I’ve got to be honest with you: when I first heard Apple’s demands regarding the evidence Samsung leaked to the media in the case the two are fighting out over the Korean company’s “copying of Apple products”, I was worried. While the request to pretty much have the Judge rule in their favor as a punishment to Samsung felt outlandish, I can’t deny that I wouldn’t have been shocked if Judge Lucy Koh agreed with them.

Fortunately enough, that hasn’t happened. The reason? Only four jurors saw the leaked evidence, and they told the judge it didn’t influence them in any way. The other jurors have been told not to read anything about it. Judge Koh had this to say about her decision to reject Apple’s demands:

“Those remedies are not warranted by the current record. I will not let any theatrics or sideshow distract us from what we are here to do.”

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  • RitishOemraw

    Please let this be the turning point. The point when Samsung’s attorneys don’t make huge mistakes and this trial can go on as it was supposed to. FAIR!

    • Manbo

      This trial shouldn’t have been allowed to happen in the first place.

  • Marsg

    this case is pretty biased the only reason those jurors weren’t effected by the leak was because they already sided with apple from the beginning and nothing Samsung does or shows will effect that. The apple employees questioned in court have already lied on the stand claiming they don’t spy on other company’s for ideas, while emails were leaked that they keep documents of every product including leaked rumors of those products, in some emails they even mentioned them by name like how they got the idea for the scroll pad/ home on iPods from Samsung or how after Samsung released a 7 inch tab they got the idea of making one too even though pretended to hate the idea

    • PhilNelwyn

      There could be another reason: they already sided with Samsung.
      In either case the trial would be biased.

  • Jason Crumbley

    If the judge refuses to allow it as evidence in the case, which she did, it is not evidence.
    I really wish people would quit calling it as such. It makes it seem that Samsung did something wrong when they did not.

    • Marsg

      I know right, yet nobody is talking about the fact that apple would not disclose their sales records, what are they hiding ? at least Samsung is laying everything out on the table compared to apple who has had two employees lie in court

      • RitishOemraw

        Everything on the table? Wasn’t it Samsung that was found destroying records that could have been evidence of wrongdoing?

        • Marsg

          no, correction they failed to destroy evidence after the court refused them to use the evidence in court similar to whats happening with Koh right now, that whole thing about them destroying evidence was started by apple in court but there was no evidence behind their rant.

        • itmustbejj

          It wasn’t that they destroyed evidence, it’s that Korea has different privacy laws than the US; some emails from employees in Korea were autodeleted after a set amount of time as required by Korean privacy laws.

          The allegation is that they knew in advance that a lawsuit was possible and they should have been more dilligent about maintaining all potentially vital emails before they were autodeleted (as required by Korean privacy laws).

    • effApple

      I’m pretty sure the only way Samsung could have been reprimanded for “leaking” this info is if the Judge had put a gag order on it prior. Again this was already public info before it was “leaked”

  • Joshua Barta

    Why are the two phones the same size in the image accompanying this post?

    • jbo1018

      It would appear an apple lawyer created the image. ;)

      • Marsg

        they should place a galaxy note next to an iphone

    • Zenstrive

      to inflate iPhone’s users ego more.

  • Brian Capelli

    Apple does not own the rectangle, Sesame Street has been brought to you be the color blue and a rectangle for 30 years. Apple released the iPhone in 08. If anyone should win this case, its Sesame Street.

    • IronHorse01

      Apple released the iPhone in 2007 if youre gonna go into a fanboy rant at least get the facts straight.

      • NinjaKombat

        hes not an apple fanboy, so he doesnt care about the release year of the iphone..

        • IronHorse01

          Doesn’t matter, makes you look a lot more credible when you rant about something if you know what you’re talking about

          • Erik Slavik

            I found his “rant” humorous. So he’s off on a fact. And? I didn’t know thoughts or comments on articles demanded validation.

            Take your professor complex to a private forum.

          • YankeeDudeL

            An opinion is no more a rant than a choir is a congregation. Let’s not preach to it.

  • Simpleankit

    Samsung lawyer in last hearing asked phil schillar
    “Do you agree that the home button is prominent, consistent and unmistakable and unique part of the Apple design?” Schiller says yes.

    Is there a single Samsung phone that has a single home button like Apple? Schiller says he’s not aware of any Samsung phone like that.

    Another question

    What was theme for the iPhone design? Schiller said, “We were trying to create a new breakthrough design for phone that was simple and beautiful and easy to use. We had a term in Apple called the “lust factor.” Is it so gorgeous that people had lusted after it?”

    Now Samsung is asking about the four-button design on a Samsung phones. Schiller says he doesn’t think they’re as beautiful as the iPhone. “I think we have a lustful, gorgeous design in total.”

    • Simpleankit

      Good strategy by Samsung lawyers to hear from Apple itseld how different are Samsung phones to Apple ones to cause any confusion.
      In fact Jury must have got some sense of silliness of Apple claims when Schiller told that Droid charge and Continnum are also iphone copies!

  • http://phandroid Victor

    Apple is just mad, they aren’t number one anymore and sales are down for them, Apple you was the new thing now your the thing of the past.don’t be mad cause Sammy out sells you and their product is easy better.3.5 or 4.0 inches screen is the past.

  • iain Riley

    Your patent laws in America are a joke.

    All this at the end of the day is ridiculous apple steals and has stole ideas of others. Samsung and everyone else has probably done tge same. The fact at the end of the day is that the competition has at the least caught up if not overtaken apple and they cant live with it. So rather then trying to make better products the sue others and the consumer gets done over. Innovation not court cases would gain a lot more respect for apple. I am an android fan and owner but still respect what apple did to bring around the smartphone era .

  • id10terrordfw

    Someone help me here, was it Samsung who flew a pirate flag above their headquarters? My memory seems to be failing me.

  • rageboardr

    What a tiny Samsung phone that is. I didnt realize they made a phone as small as the iPhone.


    This is a proper size comparison.