Chameleon Launcher Beta Now Available In The Play Store For Pre-Orders


Was excited to see the Chameleon launcher make an appearance in the Google Play Store today. While the launcher is still in beta and only available for Kickstarter pledges (that’s where the launcher got its start), it’s already looking pretty nice. I know, “Do we really need another launcher replacement?” the answer to that is a resounding YES.

Android is about options, folks. Don’t forget that there’s already a handful of launchers currently available in the Play Store and competition breeds innovation (don’t tell Apple that). While I’m not so certain Chameleon launcher is the right homescreen replacement for me, it does handle some things very well. For instance, setting up homescreens that are tailored to you location. When at home, a specific homescreen can launch showing big, bright, resizable widgets from all your social networks. At the office? Widgets for stocks, emails and businessy stuff can be automagically displayed.

A novel idea, indeed — but we’ll have to see how useful it really is after playing around with it for a few weeks. For the Kickstarter backers that have received their email from Chameleon (they’re rolling out slowly), jump into the Play Store and get to downloading. Make sure to let us know what you think.

Take heed before setting Chameleon as your default launcher. If you haven’t received the email — or even if you have — if for some reason the launcher crashes on your tablet, depending on your device, you’ll need to jump into your Settings > Apps > Chameleon > Clear Defaults. The more you know… [Thanks, Eric]

[Play Store]

Chris Chavez
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  1. That warnings not right. If you set the default launcher without an email, you can still access settings from the notification shade and clear the launcher default from there. Also, since 4.0, if the default home launcher crashes, it seems to clear that as the default to prevent that exact problem, assuming you can’t go into settings, and again, fix it yourself.

    I’m all for caution, but I’d hate to see an inaccurate warning cause loss of data or unneeded panic.

    1. Hmmmmm.. someone mentioned they couldn’t access their Settings app. Could have been a custom ROM though. I know an older version of AOKP didn’t have the Settings button in the notification shade, in which case, I would have been screwed. Either way, updated post with directions on how to clear defaults. Thanks.

  2. Who is that cute office temp?

    1. Chameleon dev? O_o

      1. << salivates

  3. Seems like this company would be ripe for a buyout from Google to work on improving the UI for future iterations of Android.

  4. saw the 1 star reviews… made me realise… we have lots of not-so-smart people who dunno how to read but can actually operate a smartphone… thanks for the laugh, guys…

  5. I use Nova pro and its by far the best IMO but leaves so much to want. I just wish the launchers would play nicer with the stock stuff it has to come exist with. Especially Nova lock screen. its definitely an aesthetic app vs a functional one.

  6. reminds me of webOS

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