Archos Teases Upcoming Gen 10 Tablet – Official Announcement In 3 Weeks

Archos took their Facebook page today to tease their upcoming Gen 10 tablet. A follow up to last year’s Archos G9 tablets, this new version looks to slip into the high-end market, with better design, build quality and even — an optional keyboard dock. While little more than the above teaser pic was revealed, we’ve already gotten a glimpse at their G10 XS tablet, after it was briefly shown almost 5 months ago in a teaser video on Archos’ YouTube channel. According to Archos, the Gen 10 will be officially unveiled in 3 weeks. Let’s see if they can bring it.


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    They should change their name, cause no one will buy this……

    • Richard Gilboy

      Agreed, I will give them the benefit of the doubt because this press render does look pretty cool.

  • Zenstrive

    Archos still have the best video player in the whole smart gadget world.

  • Eye4Detail

    All you G9 owners, say goodbye to any official support other than the occassional bug-filled bug-fix update. Such is the Archos way!

  • Michael Thompson

    Sorry. Name un-appeal.

  • Frans-Peter van der Leur

    Archos should first tease tablet updates for former tablets, that are still running phone software. I will never buy any Archos device again and will never recommend any to my family or friends. The suggested name change doesn’t help, the french way of after sales support will never change and is terrible.

  • Brian C

    I’ll never buy an archos device again. They are buggy, and when new models come out soon after (within 12mths) they abandon support of older models.