Samsung Epic 4G Touch receiving Ice Cream Sandwich IMM76I.FF18?

We’ve known about build IMM76I.FF18 for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch for quite some time. It’s been leaked earlier this month and was confirmed to be running Android 4.0.4 back then.

Now, we have at least one report that a user has received the very same build over-the-air. The problem is that we’ve only seen and received one such report so far.

We’ve been scouring our usual places to see if we can find anything regarding the upgrade, but alas no one else seems to have reported this. Could this person have accidentally been identified as a tester? Is this a glitch in Sprint’s system?

Go ahead and check for the OTA on your phone to see if you can pull anything down. We’ve reached out to our tipster for more information so be sure to check back for any updates. [Thanks Diesel!]

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  • Cosmin The Ass Man

    We have a hand full of people here at work that received the update. Battery is terrible after the update. I had to backup all of their information and do an MSL wipe on their phone to make it work a little better.

  • mmark27

    Not sure what they did to that from the rooted version that has been out for well over a month. But the rooted version has decent battery life as any other roms. I think they stopped the roll out before because SWYPE was borked and people’s heads were exploding over a 3rd party keyboard.

    • NYCHitman1

      Kernel tweaks, init.d tweaks, some other scripts in place to help battery life..

  • Mitch Peterson

    It also has a know issue of the buttons across the bottom of the screen being activated without being touch causing the phone to vibrate and menu to popup and hide randomly. I spoke to customer service and they said a update should be out soon.

  • UniBroW

    My mom’s Sprint Galaxy S II got the FF18 build about a week ago or so.

  • Bryan Krytus

    it saiid i had it this morning, then i went to instal it and the screen went away and never installed it… now it dont show up and says im up to date and im still on 2.3.6

  • james

    I got it 20 minutes ago its running good so far yay

  • Bryan Krytus

    whats an msl wipe?

  • Saleenfiend

    What he is calling an MSL wipe is probably the factory dialer reset for radios and reprovisioning.This will erase everything on your phone (data, apps, etc) back to stock. ##786## you will need your MSL.

  • masterxchief

    If you want the update then stop by a corporate sprint store that does repairs and they can flash it for you. It does NOT wipe the phone.

  • Venkat Pisipati

    I got this update OTA about 10 days ago, and am not too happy with it. The already abysmal battery life has worsened, and a lot of applications are seeing random force closes!!

  • The_Universe

    No OTA update for me yet (Boston area)

  • Megan Goss

    I received the update this morning around 8 a.m. CST. My favorite feature is now gone. :( The Favorites under Contacts were a list, now they are huge, ugly, useless thumbnails. The swipe left to message/right to call (I might be backwards on that) is no longer a feature of the Favorites list. BOOO!! Other than that no major complaints. I did have to go back and change a few minor settings, but no data loss as far as I can tell. The menus have also changed, which is irritating because I feel like I am re-learning my phone.

    • Afnan

      This feature, is still there. Just go to Contacts (Search) and its the first thing I saw.

  • NobleRot

    Came through for me this morning OTA.

  • Larry

    I had to visit a Sprint repair store on 07-21-2012 to obtain my update. I found that I did not have the EL19 version of Gingerbread on my phone due to a problem with a prior download of same. The repair station gave me back EL13. The Samsung web site states that one must have EL19 to get the upgrade. The tech reloaded EL 19 and pushed the FF18 to my phone. It ran rough for a couple days with horrid battery life, but has since smoothed out. I like it, though I feel like battery life was better on Gingerbread. One thing nice, when you get the update, click on Sprint ID and then choose “My ID” to the left and you will have a very nice Android ICS UI to use. I am using it and like it better than Touch Whiz. That is worth kudos to Sprint and Samsung, I think.

  • Larry

    (See below) I am not concerned about the battery life, though, as my new GS3 32GB is in the mail from Sprint. I can hardly wait….

  • Richard Cox

    Nothing new…same version number that was going out earlier. I already have it from the day they first released it. Has some bugs, esp. regarding VPN. Very disappointed that they’ve apparently not fixed anything.

  • Nina

    My Galaxy S2 came with 4.0.4 on it from Sprint out of the box. Anyone else?

  • Afnan

    This update is actually really good except few bugs. Atleast we’re going to get 4.1.1 Jelly Bean in the future

  • Tommy Wilson

    I received the OTA update a few days ago, there was a notification on my phone when I woke up around 3:45am. It downloaded and installed so quickly that I was surprised to see all of the enhancements it entailed. Strange that is, I bought 2 of the same phones the same day. One for my partner and one for myself. And his still has not received the update, even if you manually check for it from the phone.