Original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets Ice Cream Sandwich in the UK and Italy

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still alive and kicking, and Samsung knows it still has some regions which need the upgrade to Android 4.0. Italy and the UK are two such regions who are now getting Android 4.0 for the device. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 was the company’s first tablet to use Honeycomb 3.2, Android’s first tablet-specific operating system arc.

They’ve come out with many other tablets since then but the truth of the matter is that the Tab 10. is only a year old, and it still has some nice hardware that keep users from switching to the behemoths that have been released so far this year.

The WiFi version in then UK is getting the upgrade to be more specific, while the 3G version in Italy will be the one donning the frozen treat. Aside from the new goods that come with Android 4.0 you can also expected a slightly updated version of TouchWiz. [SamMobile, XDA via AP]

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  • Covert_Death

    FINALLLLLY now get it here in the US

    • http://www.colossaldamage.com/ SuperMarino

      jelly bean, please!

  • BobbyJ001

    Hopefully this release will bring along with it updated drivers etc. to make a full / official CM9 build available. I’ve been running the nightlies for months now, and while it’s good, I still get random crashes quite often. As far as I know the drivers (mostly camera but also maybe graphics?) are what’s held the Galaxy Tab 10.1 back from getting RC builds.

  • iamnid

    Great news. Can’t wait for it on my US 8.9!

  • Dean Politis

    Why did they bother with ICS and not go straight to Jelly Bean? I find it ironic that a device that was release at Google I/I 2011 where Google announced that manufacturers and carriers would release quicker updates is finally getting ICS when other devices like the Motorola XOOM (I guess this must be an unofficial Nexus device) are getting Jelly Bean.

  • x3haloed

    Wrong picture.. again! You’re showing the Galaxy Tab 10.1v.

  • cranch

    Very interesting that its using a 3.1 kernel instead of a 3.0. Maybe JB isn’t too far off.