ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity receiving OTA update

ASUS is continuing its streak of providing frequent and timely updates for their line of Android tablets, the latest of which is headed to the newly released Transformer Pad Infinity TF700. A full changelog was not provided alongside the software refresh that seems to be rolling out on a staggered basis, but users already receiving the update claim enhanced touchscreen responsiveness, support for 64GB SD cards, and an updated camera app. It sounds like some of the same enhancements that were included in a recent Transformer Pad TF300 update.

The update brings the TF700’s software version to You can check to see if it is available for your device by navigating to “System Firmware Update” under “About Tablet” in the settings menu.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  • shonangreg

    It is dedication like this that has me waiting for ASUS (and acer to a lesser extent) when shopping for new android devices. ASUS will be rewarded for this. I only wish this kind of dedication and responsiveness could somehow make it into the phone market. Like it or not, it is one of Apple’s great strengths.

    • Mental_Moose

      Asus have a great track record for updates so far, which was a huge factor for me when ordering my Infinity.
      I really hope they are as fast with JB as they have been with earlier updates.

  • Zhan Foo

    My infinity says that there are no updates available. Is there anything I can do to get the update?

    • Mental_Moose

      For some people it’s as simple as rebooting, but I believe it’s still a gradual roll out and that not everyone will receive it just yet (although I guess it should happen “soon”).
      If you don’t want to wait and you feel comfortable with a tiny bit of hacking, this might also be a solution:

      Keep in mind: I have not tried any of this myself as my Infinity was only shipped today ( YAY :D ) and I have not received it yet. This is just random stuff I have read on this series of tubes.