Sprint Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S3 Receive OTA Updates – EVO 4G LTE To Follow

Sprint has been busy updating the software on their 4G LTE lineup, starting with the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S3. Both these devices received similar updates addressing the usual bug fixes, with the common fix involving flipping the switch on the default 4G LTE setting from off, to on. I’ve been chatting with my Sprint buddy, and a similar update will soon be rolling out to the HTC EVO 4G LTE as well. Here’s the changelog as posted in the official Sprint Community forums:

If you’re not currently in one of Sprint’s few LTE markets and are looking to save on some battery life, now you know to use the appropriate method to turn the LTE switch back to off. Expect a changelog for the EVO LTE coming sometime in the next few days as well.

[Sprint Galaxy Nexus | Sprint Galaxy S3]

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  • mhmmd123

    I never seen any update for my S3 yet!

    • Larkhillv

      Did you try going into Settings > About Phone > Check for Update? You can also Google how to force an update, if the OTA is indeed live, but people have said that they do not recommend it because it can be bad for your phone, apparently (I forget why, but you can search it).

      • mhmmd123

        Yes I did, but no luck.

  • JeremieCote

    Universal search is back :)

  • AratosmAratosm

    evo 4g lte already had 1 patch, this will be 2nd. It’s nice to see the device is receiving support from both HTC and Sprint.

  • dormant75

    I have yet to get the download. keeps saying my phone is up to date

  • brad lanphere

    No update here evo 4g LTE :( ?

  • wushang681


  • dormant75

    I finally got the update today on my gnex. been trying to get it since announced even tried some clearing data and fcing Google framework and removing the battery but that never worked.