Samsung Posts Record $5.9 Billion Q2 Profits Thanks To Galaxy S3 Sales

Can’t say this really surprised any of us, but Samsung is reporting record Q2 profits of $5.9 billion. As you no doubt already guessed, this was due largely in part to the South Korean manufacturer’s rampant success with the globally launched Galaxy S3, accounting for 70% of Samsung’s business earnings, and giving Samsung the lead in market share over Apple.

And the Galaxy S3 is just getting started. Sales are expected to grow, so expect equally staggering numbers as more and more consumers flock to the device, and as Samsung prepares to announced a Galaxy Note successor.


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  • bmg314

    Didn’t Apple patent the $5.9 billion quarterly profit figure?

    • Chris Chavez


  • King Locke

    Finally a great android phone that appeals to the power user and the everyday Joe.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      As an android phone power use named Joe, I fully endorse this message.

  • Aaron Soles

    Anybody with a galaxy s3 be warned Just from about 3 feet drop my screen shattered! Even with invisible shield . Great phone but I recommend a case and insurance! Asurion was great though free overnight shipping.

    • Rusty

      My 6month old daughter has drop mine more than once sitting In my chair and standing while holding her and nothing but I do have a baseus case it’s a very thin case though, I more less have it for scratches not drops, i also have hardwood floors, I am sure if it’s dropped in my driveway it might be a different story (concrete don’t give)

    • WilliamKingX17

      Invisible Shields are not gonna stop you’re screen from cracking. They are to protect it against scratches. They will however keep glass out of your face if you do break the screen.

  • LawrenceMcatee

    I want all 4 of those.

    • Marsg

      I want all 8 including the korean chicks

      • Chris Chavez

        The convo’s always turn into this o____o

        • HalfwayCrook


  • JMcGee

    Gotta love the Samsung girls. I hope they’re getting a raise with these booming profits. I know they gave me a… Uhh, nevermind.


      They probably won’t be recieving raises, because they are models, and most likely not direct employee’s of Samsung. They are definitely smoking hot though……

      • Chris Chavez

        I think you missed the joke :P

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Last few days been under the weather, I see it now though.

  • Aaron Soles

    Well it was in a parking lot and this guy bumped me with his cart and i was like wtf and dropped it.

  • socalrailroader

    Nice, I click on two cute Korean girls, and I get four! :D

    • socalrailroader

      Kinda like an instant harem LOL

  • ljhughes8

    i going with the otter box defender.

  • KosmoCrisis

    I want one of those Galaxy S3 arm patches, and one of the girls!

  • master94

    Way to go Samsung.

  • Joel Bentley

    It only sold so well because its looks SO much like an iphone, they stole the rectangle design clearly invented by apple, people thought they were buying an iphone – Apple

  • IronHorse01

    the next nexus will sell even more than the gs3

  • longfei769

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  • wushang681

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