Official Nexus 7 Cover Now “In Stock” In The Google Play Store

If you were hoping to snag yourself an official Nexus 7 cover/case from the Google Play Store, the time to act is now. Play Store is currently showing the covers (grey only) as in stock but there’s no saying for how long. Keep in mind these aren’t smart covers per se. They wont actually wake your device and sleep it when opening/closing the lid, but will keep your tabby safe while still remaining stylish.

[Google Play Store]

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  • Jeffwx7

    $32 after shipping charges and tax?? Seems a bit excessive for a case. I have an old Kindle case that seems to work fine for it

  • slsf617

    If I didnt see the kickstarter with the book sleeves I would still be considering this

  • John Alvarez

    I purchased one of the Nexus 7 sleeves at just over $30 and I feel it was not worth it. It is a stiff rubber material and it makes it a bit difficult to use the wake button. It would be fine as a $10 cover. I wish I had not given away the leather cover from my broken Kindle Fire.

    • Cloudscout

      That was my thought, as well. $32 is a bit steep. These will be available at retail locations, too, though. They have shown up on the Staples website already but are listed as in-store items only.

  • Alex James Simon

    Ordered mine like an hour ago :D

  • Kevin Haller

    I don’t like the color. I’m more of a blue man or black leather.

  • John

    ugh I just ordered my 16GB, but I REALLY want the Smart Cover, so I think I’ll hold off.