Google Play now showing Nexus Q as backordered, ships in 2-3 weeks

Yesterday Google put the Nexus Q up for sale via Google Play with an estimated delivery date of three to five days after placing an order. Most anticipated that demand for the $299 media station would not outpace supply. Well, either the Q is a bigger hit than was imagined or something else is going on, as its Google Play page has been updated to suggest stock is running low. The listing now says the Android-powered streaming orb “ships soon” with an estimated timeframe of two to three weeks.

Perhaps Google, as with most tech industry pundits, did not foresee high demand for the Nexus Q and likewise ordered a limited stock of the device from its manufacturer, a scenario that seems more likely than hoards of Android fans descending upon the Play store to clear out inventory. Or maybe we aren’t giving the device enough credit and people actually do want a non-descript Android device for playing music and watching web video. Only time will tell.

[via DroidLife]

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  • JamesS

    We only made three. We weren’t expecting there to be this kind of run on them. :P

  • Mike Mouse-Morales

    They’re doing it on purpose. Nintendo did it with the wii to drum up demand for the device.

  • G. Andrew M. Blackburn

    why is my post missing?

  • CerealFTW

    Mini HDMI cable: $15
    Nexus Q: $299
    Guess which one I picked?

  • Scott Stafford

    What does this thing do again? I keep reading it but don’t understand. Wait, it plays music and video from one source? Next.

  • bob

    no way! they sold all 12??? I don’t believe it!