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Sprint sending Samsung Epic 4G Touch over to Boost Mobile

Sprint has been known to give some of its hand-me downs to their PAYG carriers after they’ve properly replaced them. It seems that the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, their one and only Galaxy S2 variant, is no exception. A user agent profile has surfaced over at Sprint’s servers showing a device called the SPH-D710BST.

The D710 was the Epic 4G Touch’s original model number, and the BST on the end undoubtedly stands for “Boost,” the name of one of Sprint’s pre-paid carriers. Aside from that fact it doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know about the device: it’ll be the same exact thing. [Sprint (open in Internet Explorer)Thanks Andy!]

Continue reading on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch forums, see the specs, or find news and reviews.

  • M. Espinosa

    Damn, looks like Im switching from Virgin if this is true

    • Jeremy Blackwell

      He said switching FROM Virgin ;)

    • BigBen7

      If hes already on Virgin, wouldn’t his Boost coverage be the same? O_o

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Any info on price??

  • Chris Chavez

    Holy cow! This will be the hottest phone offered by any of the prepaid carriers. Dual-core Exynos and Ice Cream Sandwich. We’ve finally arrived, people :D

    • BigBen7

      It is pretty impressive. If you get decent WiMax its…. Epic? O_o

      • Chris Chavez

        *rubs mustache*

  • No_Nickname90

    Still rockin that E4GT since I just got on contract last Oct. Hmm… I’m not changing phones unless I can get me a Galaxy Note equivalent or Qwerty phone. Was rocking that G2 for a year and would have kept going had wii not switched plans. LoL!! I keep talking about the G2. =.P

  • munee

    The best phone I ever owned. Even better then my gnex. If it had vanilla android and lte I would have used it for a long time. Damn it was fast!

    • Pnutt916

      I feel the same way! I couldn’t have said it better myself! although I do do love my GNexus.

      • munee

        Oh I didn’t say I didn’t love it. You can’t beat same day announcing of then flashing of JB. I’ll never buy a non nexus device again.

        • Pnutt916

          Again I have to agree, Nexus FTW!!

  • lol

    Dual Core Exynos murders S4

    • duong ngo

      WOW get your fanboy out of here

      • BigBen7

        look at his screen name… lol

    • Pnutt916

      Wrong! the s4 is built on newer architecture and supports Lte. And bench marks are higher! hate to say it cause I did love my Exynos!!

      • WhoaManWtF

        The GPU built into the Exynos runs circles around the qualcomm one, so if you ever play games he is right the Exynos rocks the S4

        • Pnutt916

          GPU is better but not CPU and NO LTE support! S4 FTW

  • kristian

    I’m getting this. I have the evo design. I’m guessing it’ll be 300 as well. I’m so getting it Hell yeah.

  • nemesys06

    If only a sgs2 would make it to metro pcs

    • DATAndroid

      I don’t think that would ever happen….

  • Daniel

    Sprints got themselves a nice little thing going on. When they have outdated things like Wimax and phones just send them over to they’re smaller carriers.

  • Alejandro Castro

    Watch it be like $550+ -_-.

  • chuckles87

    Sprint you should release the nexus s 4g on virgin with the jb update

    • Pnutt916

      nah! my phone too good to be prepaid! plus it wouldn’t be a good look to have the android flag ship on a prepaid carrier, it would make android look cheap!

      • Ben Kapferer

        > it wouldn’t be a good look to have the android flag ship on a prepaid carrier, it would make android look cheap!
        > make android look cheap

        Remember, this isn’t Apple here.

  • gphillimo

    It’s only worth getting if the price is $300. Hopefully they will bring it out this upcoming September when they release the iphone 4 on Boost