Over The Air Update (IMM76Q) for Verizon Galaxy Nexus Incoming

Looks like Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners could have an update coming soon, going by the build number IMM76Q. Shown off in the above screenshot, the update wont take devices up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (I know, bummer), but should patch some bugs as well as address signal issues plaguing handsets by introducing a new baseband. Everything else is pure speculation and exactly when Verizon owners can expect their devices to receive Jelly Bean is anyone’s guess.


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  • Pitrick

    The Nexus S 9020A got a minor OTA from 4.0.4 to 4.0.4 (1mb) 1 day before receiving the major 4.1 update. So it might be a good thing for Verizon users.

    • Aaron Berlin

      Keep hope alive!

  • Brian

    Booooo. I want JB w/ some butter.

  • effApple

    as a verizon customer, i know not to depend on verizon for updates.. instead i depend on our awesome dev community!

  • http://twitter.com/Planet_Scott scott lathrop

    exactly when Verizon owners can expect their devices to receive Jelly Bean is anyone’s guess.

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!…..Verizon sucks

  • Frogskins

    There is no way Verizon is tricking me into install this as a “bug patch and improved disconnects”. I am willing to bet this sucker removes your ability to do a global search. I will stick with Bugless Beast 4.1 for now and let others be the guinea pigs

    • ntegrit

      Yes, a logical guess!

    • http://youtu.be/GvPlAyTG4ik?hd=1 1PhoneDoesnt.com

      I am a new bugless beaster and wondering do we have to do something to avoid this update or by default we will not get it? thx

  • DanWazz

    Hmm, maybe ill wait for this until I root. Maybe not. Depends on how I feel.

  • veccster

    I’m rooted so I don’t care about getting jb but I would LOVE to have better signal strength. That is my only remaining complaint about this phone (I had others but they were solved with root).

  • feztheforeigner

    I really hope this won’t be the update that dumbs down my universal search…

  • Jwhap

    well, if it is worthwhile, a dev will add it!

  • BIGshane123456

    I def want that radio update. I am on the edge of 4g and get tired of the constant switching between 3g and 4g. None of the radios I’ve tried seem to really help. Cant wait for the devs to pull that out for us rooters.

  • tomn1ce

    I read the title and got excited and then was slammed onto the floor and back to reality after reading that it was only going to be a bug exterminator from VZW. I’m waiting for the final build of CM10 and AOKP to root and get some JB goodnes for my G-Nexus. Hopefully by then these new radios are included in the roms.

  • Nicklaus Park


    i just got a replacement device today with it on it.

    here is the screenshot.