Weekend Poll: Are you using Spotify after a year of its launch?

Spotify quickly filled the internet after its availability brought unlimited music to the US. Suddenly, all our friends and their moms (literally) were sharing their playlists away and signing up for the company’s premium services. Spotify continues to grow, but I can’t help but feel like the hype has gone down.

E-mails about my friends joining spotify used to flood my inbox. Now, I probably get an e-mail per month or so. This could mean one of two things: either I am losing my social skills and have no new friends (all current friends already have it), or Spotify is simply no longer as popular as it used to be.

Personally, the service treated me very nice when I joined. $10 a month would give me unlimited music for all my mobile devices and computers. And it must be said that is a huge advantage, as one switches devices very frequently in working as a tech blogger.

Google Music’s November launch made me reconsider my options, though. I had been noticing I constantly listened to pretty much the same songs every day. Many of which I already had in my computer. After a few calculations, I noticed it would be more convenient for me to purchase the few new songs or album I listen to per month. This marked the beginning of a beautiful and long-term relationship with lovely Google Music (now Google Play Music).

A year has passed by and the service continues to thrive, but I am wondering just how many of you stuck around, or joined Spotify. My experience might have been completely personal and isolated. Music junkies surely listen to new songs and artists often, making Spotify a rather convenient subscription service.

This leads us to the next question: do you prefer other streaming services or is Spotify about the best for you? Join our discussion in the comment section below and participate in the poll!

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  • Spritemast

    I listen to mostly underground rappers that aren’t mainstream but are noticed ….all their music is mostly free…so I have no need for this!

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Word! Nothing like some indie music. You get to see young talent and it is also very affordable! Plus, you get to be one of those that say: “Man, I used to listen to blah blah before he went mainstream!” lol

    • samuelmaskell

      I cannot post comments anymore. Tried it on the latest version of chrome and ie 9. I click on “leave a message..” and nothing happens. the stars dropdown also does nothing. so this isn’t actually a reply. it’s just the only way for me to post right now.

      anyway, I would love to use spotify. however, I don’t live in the US. crazy, right? can you believe people outside of the US also have internet? It’s amazing!

      and yes, I know that spotify is available in a few other countries but it appears that phandroid doesn’t realize this since they think that spotify coming to the US equals spotify being launched.

      • squiddy20

        Same here. Though, I’m on a Mac and tried Safari as well as Chrome, but still nothing. Thought it was just me…

        Anyway, I haven’t even tried Spotify as I store most of my music locally (between phone and laptop) and have Pandora or Youtube for when I want to listen to stuff I don’t (yet) have.

        • Montisaquadeis

          I am having the same issue so ok its not just me. I am on Firefox 14.

          I mainly either stream my music with google music or listen to slacker radio most of the time. So for me I dont need spotify and I rarely use pandora any more either.

      • Edgar Cervantes

        Sorry about this, guys. There seems to be an issue. I have already brought this to the team’s attention and they will be working on it. :(

        • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

          It’s because part of your page’s div is layered ON TOP of the disqus box. I used Chrome’s “Remove Element” addon to remove various crap above it, and I was eventually able to uncover the comment textarea and type a comment. It’s been broken like this for about 5 days iirc.

      • http://schneeland.myopenid.com/ schneeland

        Same for me – the “related posts” elements is a bit over the box, so you cannot post unless you manually set it to “display:none”. That may however be related to hiding a few ads …

        As for Spotify I mostly share Spritemast’s opinon, i.e. it is of little use for me. However, it’s more Black Metal, (Dark) Ambient & Neofolk for me and the music is not free, but my collection is significantly larger than any of the streaming services’.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1818366698 Mitchell Buchler

        Same. Chrome, Windows Server 2008 R2.

        Anyway I dont use any of those…. I use the Tunee app. I type in the song i want. find it. Download. Play.

  • EarlyMon

    Posting from mobile browser using iPhone as ua string. See? It is too good for something.

  • Gus

    I like Rdio better than Spotify

    • enomele

      I gave Rdio a shot once. Had a decent service. The app drained my battery in like 2 hours, kept running in background after I stopped listening. Wasnt a good first impression. Also Spotify has some more local artists from the Eau Claire/Twin Cities scene I like. Check out “The Gentle Guest” good stuff.

  • frank

    I download music off of YouTube Flvto.com

  • https://profiles.google.com/mrrix32 Martin Rix

    Been using it since soon after it launched in the UK (Don’t have a welcome email, but have an email from a friend with a playlist dated 5th March 2009, Spotify launched in the UK on the 10th February 2009). Became a Premium Subscriber in October 2010 when I got my Nexus One. Still paying. Love the service.

    Note: If you tab your way through half the page you can still get to the comment box :P

  • Ryan chandler

    Ive been using it for the last year or so, but Ive found myself either listening to the same songs over and over or craving a dedicated radio app. Since spotify hasnt released a radio app for android, I’m dropping back to using Pandora or last.fm (which somehow works despite me not being a subscriber) until spotify gets a radio feature for android. Possibly related, does anyone have any experience with slacker? Last I tried it (december), it was pretty clunky and crashed on the Nexus a lot.