Google writes to Senate Judiciary Committee requesting certain Apple patents be made standard

Google has for long stated that the current software patents scene needs a serious revamp, and in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, they have singled out Apple, stating that some of the Cupertino-based company’s patents be made standards.

While collaborative [Standards Setting Organizations (SSOs)] play an important part in the overall standard setting system, and are particularly prominent in industries such as telecommunications, they are not the only source of standards. Indeed, many of the same interoperability benefits that the FTC and others have touted in the SSO context also occur when one firm publishes information about an otherwise proprietary standard and other firms then independently decide (whether by choice or of necessity) to make complementary investments to support that standard in their products. … Because proprietary or de facto standards can have just as important effects on consumer welfare, the Committee’s concern regarding the abuse of SEPs should encompass them as well.

Apple, as you’d expect, don’t want anything of the sort and have countered with a letter of their own. They believe they have put in a lot of effort to innovate in their field, and are hence justified to patent certain features and designs, and oppose the infringement of those patents via litigation. If you want to read both the letters, head over to AllThingsD.

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  • William

    Apple is an innovation nazi!
    We should all count our lucky stars they didn’t invent the wheel, or we’d ALL be screwed.

    • Jamille Browne

      we should all be happy that they didn’t pantent screws or… as you said we’d all be screwed especially me for using a variation of the word screw. imagine that lol

  • ntegrit

    Note that the Apple argument falls apart for purchased patents (unless finding and negotiating with the patent holder is considered “innovative”!)

  • Marsg

    I ate an apple today, guess you could say I took a bite out of crime

    • reiththestud

      Scruff McGruff would be proud :)

      • Marsg

        Yea but the doctors prob. aren’t too happy about it

    • Rdfry

      I think they should disallow all of Apples patents because they are complete aholes.

      • Marsg

        they should have a sign outside the courtroom door saying : No trespassing, all Apple’s will get juiced >.>

    • onpoint G

      lol nice one

  • Darkseider

    Apple hasn’t innovated anything on years.

  • TheWenger

    Let’s hope this gets some attention in the mainstream news. Seems like something the Goog should have done a while ago.

  • Crankshaft67

    I hope to hear more about this, long overdue in my mind.

  • Boom! Its phatman

    Its gonna take some bonehead judge to ban a flagship phone over something that’s been around since the 70’s for this to get mainstream attention. Apple will eventually step in it and not be cool anymore.