Samsung to announce next Galaxy device on August 15

Samsung is asking members of the media to save the date for the unveiling of the next member of their Galaxy family. The bare minimum has been presented on details, with Samsung only providing an August 15th date for the event. The location and any hint as to what we might see have been withheld. This, of course, provides its own invitation to speculation as to what we could see.

Guesses include the Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q, a possible re-unveiling of the retooled Galaxy Note 10.1, or perhaps even the Galaxy Note 2. The latter would easily be the most exciting, but an Unpacked event on tap for later in August at Berlin’s IFA show seems the more likely venue for that announcement. So what will Samsung bring us this time? We doubt it will be as big a launch as the Samsung Galaxy S3, but we’re eager to see exactly what the company has in store.


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  • Groh G2


    • phinn

      Meh, unless it’s a new Nexus device that will actually receive timely updates from Google I’m no longer interested in Android announcements.

      • Pnutt916

        I feel the same way! Nexus FTW

  • http://phandroid deh2002

    As long as it’s not a quad core lte sgs3.

    • reiththestud

      Well if not, then that narrows it down to the Galaxy Tab 2.5 7.0, Galaxy Tab 2.5 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 2.5 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2.5 10.1 Plus, Galaxy Note Skyrocket, Galaxy Note 10.1 Plus, ad infinitum….

      • severinj

        i lold

  • Pnutt916

    Galaxy Note 2

    • drosspike

      Hopefully it’ll be something original and not another Apple ripoff.

      • severinj

        these posts are really funny when i read them in my head because it’s obviously not to be taken seriously but then i realize a lot of people are out here making these posts as seriously as possible. shame.