Amazon now shipping Sony’s NSZ-GS7 Google TV player

If you’ve been waiting on a chance to get your hands on the Sony NSZ-GS7, their Google TV-equipped player, Amazon is the one stop shop for you. The device will run you $198 and gives you the standard Google TV experience software-wise, but also includes an innovative two-way remote that features a QWERTY-pad on one side and a touch-pad on the other for easy navigation. Sony’s also giving folks 3 free digital movies with their purchase out of a list of 15.¬†You can find the selection here if you are interested in that specific side offering. Head to Amazon to get started and be sure to read our review by Rob Jackson at this link.

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  • jstew182

    Will the new remote work with older Song Google TV hardware?

  • Kory Salsbury

    This is just the streaming player…no Blu-Ray as far as I can see.


    Can someone buy me one? I’m too busy getting raped by Verizon with no lube.

  • squrel23

    Definitely NOT the one with the blu-ray player. Last I heard that isn’t due out will early Fall.

  • bryanl

    I’ve had one for a few weeks. I’m not sure it is any nicer than the Revue. Hopefully I just have a buggy build. The little remote isn’t as intuitive as I think it could be as well.

  • Joshua Saunders

    Strike three. Not the blu ray version.