Carly goes into the music business with new T-Mobile ad

T-Mobile has launched a new angle for their advertising campaign featuring the always-lovely Carly. She rides through cities across the countries, passing by more than 35,000 towers which belong to T-Mobile. From the sounds of things she might have a pretty decent music career ahead of her, as well. Be sure to watch the 30 second spot above.

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  • toomuchgame441

    I’m sorry maybe I missed it but what she even singing?

    • Nigel Harrison

      Yeah, I wouldn’t say she has any singing career ahead of her, unless speaking words wrapped in heavy auto tuning passes for singing…oh wait – I just looked at the top 20…as you were!!!

      • faceless128

        well, the article says music career, not singing career… lots of ‘musicians’ nowadays don’t really … sing… and i’m not even talking about rappers!

  • aharrson

    Carly rides along the Jersey Shore by Barnegat Lightouse up in Barnegat light, NJ… a bird sanctuary with no road at that location and no cell tower….because it’s a sanctuary with some walking trails around the pines. Yeahh

  • logotic

    I’m sorry, but hiding her in all that motorcycle gear is just a waste…

  • TzuDohNihm

    I wonder if Madonna is just irrelevant enough to try and find some way to raise a fuss over this commercial to get her some more press during her latest tour.