In Germany, court rules Motorola XOOM does not encroach upon iPad design patents

Germany’s Dusseldorf Regional Court has come to a decision concerning Apple’s complaint that the Motorola XOOM infringes upon design patents granted for their iPad. In a positive turn of events for Android manufacturers, the court has denied Apple’s claims, ruling that the XOOM does not copy elements of the iPad’s design, which covers such aesthetic aspects as the tablet’s bezel and shape. Sticking to such narrowly defined parameters gives other tablet makers a good bit of leeway, as was demonstrated when Samsung was able to skirt an outright ban in Germany on their Galaxy Tab 10.1 after some minor changes were implemented.

As opposed to Samsung’s ill luck with similar matters, Motorola has managed to come out on top in several legal spats with Apple. However, in this case the ruling wasn’t a total victory. Motorola was also pushing to have Apple’s European design rights rendered completely invalid, a request which a judge was not apt to grant. As such, both parties are being ordered to shoulder their share of legal expenses, with Apple paying a two-thirds majority.

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  • MarcusDW

    This was in question?? Wow apple.

    • jroc74


  • Marsg

    Apple recently got a patent for “lists on a mobile device” and “documents on a mobile device” >.> seriously this is getting out of control first the universal search now this

    • Butters619

      Universal search, slide to unlock, menu option for parsed text. I swear Apple wasn’t the first to use any of those.

      • Marsg

        They weren’t that’s why its such a controversial subject

  • AGx

    If you cant make a better device than the competition, make sure the competition can’t make devices at all. Apple is Tanya Harding to Android’s Nancy Kerrigan.

    • ntegrit

      Nice analogy, though I wonder how many young Phandroids will get it (unless the episode is more mythic than I realize!)

    • RavenFox

      Ahh the good OK days

      • RavenFox

        meant ol days. darn spell check. phandroid you need an edit option


    Looks completely different than iPad. You’d have to be an Asian judge to think they are the same…..

  • master94

    Clearly Apple lawyers need a new prescription for their glasses if they think the Xoom looks anything like an ipad. At least Apple is paying more for the case than Moto.