Google introduces interactive weather visualizations for tablet search results

In an effort to ever improve the search experience, Google is introducing interactive weather visualizations as part of search results when using a tablet. The visualizations, which take their aesthetic cues from Google Now’s card system, feature scrollable hourly and ten-day forecasts and toggles for temperature, precipitation, and wind. If you have location services enabled, all you need to do is search “weather” to get access to the new results.┬áThe same features were introduced earlier in the year for Android smartphones.

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  • scoter man1

    THAT is sexy, and I hope they patent it and never let apple devices have them show up.

    • Spencer Holtaway

      Looks like some of the graphics might even be retina when viewed on The New iPad (or just accidentally so as they might be scaled down from the not-so-retina-looking main image). Nice.

  • Ethan Bailey

    why dont they come out with a g weather app?

  • Alvin Brinson

    Appears to not have rolled out to everyone. I get a much simpler weather result, nothing like what’s in the picture here.

  • Jauhari

    Awesome… it’s really clean interface

  • Marina Delgado

    so funny. yesterday i was in SF for the day. Did a quick san fran weather search on my iphone and this beautiful graphic came up. I’m a fan